Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A toast to my newly engaged sister...

This post is purely focused on Amy over at Posh Peach, go ahead, check her out, you know you want to..

Amy truly is a Georgia Peach. Also one of the kindest, sweetest, most genuine people i've ever met. She radiates sunshine and has such a positive attitude towards life. Amy is from Georgia but now resides in Orlando, Florida where she spends her days working as an assistant editor for Golfweek (lucky girl). She is constantly decked out in the latest Lilly fashions and is truly a southern belle.

I was lucky enough to meet Amy when I was rushing Sigma Kappa my freshman year at Elon. We hit it off right away, and luckily, she choose me as her "little". She remained one of my best friends throughout our college years and I was lucky enough to have her by my side at my wedding last year.

Love at first sight...we were so young!

She recently (last Thursday) got engaged to an amazing man and I couldn't be more thrilled for the two of them. It was a proposal straight out of a "Bachelor Overnight Date". They took a helicopter ride over Orlando with champagne and roses...and she did accept the fantasy suite card :) They are an inspiring pair and I can't wait to celebrate their special day with them.

So here is to one fantastic couple...and one amazing friend <3



Posh Peach said...

LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Thank you for this very special post and for being so excited for me! I couldn't have asked for a better little sister or best friend! We have so many fun memories and adventures together and I love seeing how our lives are turning out. You will always be my little sunshine! Can't wait for many more fun times to come! L.O.V.E. always!

Katie said...

Awww what lovely news! I love stumbling upon fellow Elon-er's (that looks strange, hm) blogs...thanks for sharing, and congrats to Amy - what a cool proposal!

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