Thursday, August 18, 2011

What We Love: 0-10 Months

I have recently been spending some time putting some of S's old things away in storage and it got me thinking about some of our favorite items..the old faithful products that were and still currently being put to good use. So without further ado..

Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper

This was absolutely one of our favorites. S would still be sleeping in this if she hadn't exceeded the length requirements. I literally thought we were going to have to build an extension off the end. It is so portable and she slept in this till she was about 6 months. It finally had to be retired once she tried to flip over in it and got stuck (eek scary moment).

Homedics Sound Machine

I purchased about 3 white noise machines before I was finally satisfied with this glorious baby whisperer. Why do I love it? Because it's loud as hell, it can block out barking dogs, sirens, obnoxious loud neighbors, a fighting husband and wife, loud trucks get the idea. It also projects "soothing" images onto the ceiling, but S never really seemed into it.


S was swaddled like a little burrito until she was about 6 months old. Then I slowly started weaning her off by letting her have one arm free...then another...and then we finally transitioned to the sleepsack. I love the summer infant swaddles as they have the velcro for us incompetent swaddlers. You know how they bring you the baby all swaddled in the hospital? Yeah ours never looked like that after the first day..I needed velcro.

MAM Pacifiers

I think I have a bit of a pacifier obsession. S literally has about 20 of every color possible. I also have probably misplaced 20 more, apparently we not only have a sock monster but also a paci monster? Ugh. Basically I like these pacis because they are cute and they don't take up her entire face, like those soothies they give you at the hospital. The downside? There aren't many paci clips that work with these babies. I just purchased these pacifiers in the nighttime glow in the dark model. It is hilarious to see in the middle of the night. I mean i've never had anything glow in the dark in my mouth? That's what she said.

Chicco DJ Baby Walker

This is our current new favorite. S plays some sick beats on this DJ tray. It can keep her entertained for hours, until she backs herself into a table, true story. She has learned to manuever herself around quite well and can get herself out of any corner. It also allows her to grab objects off of tables, including magazines, glass bowls, and food.

So that's all I got for now..our top 5.

Happy Thursday!


Momma StJ said...

those were all great things for us too..minus the rock n play sleeper...though I've been thinking about getting it for the next one :)

Shannon Dew said...

Oh that baby crack machine! We LOVE ours, till KP broke it last week. Yeah she chewed on the cord {great mom watching} and now it won't work. So now we are using an old alarm clock on the "ocean" setting. Thankfully it works just as well b/c I almost LMS when I saw it was broke!

Happiness Is... said...

Thatcher slept in the Newborn Rocker until he was 5 months - love that thing! It's amazing.

Shawna said...

My son is 8 1/2 months and we still sometimes use the rock/play. He's giant and hangs out of it but I love it so. I owe fisher-price, big time.

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