Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Saige Marie...you are 10 months old!
*on 8/21*

You, my little lady, are quite the firecracker this month. Your personality is really beginning to come out, as well as your desire to get into everything, including the cat food bowl, the toilet, and the fireplace. You are crawling a mile a minute and never stay in one place for too long. You always want to be where I am - there is no more going to the bathroom in private around here. And the standing? Is everywhere. On any object. You pull yourself up all the time. You LOVE to stand. Especially at the coffee table where you sweep everything onto the floor. You have also started opening cabinets and drawers. Clearly drawer locks will need to be installed on the lower cabinets at your new house.

Your hair is as blonde as ever, probably due to our beach trips this past month. We went to Bethany Beach for a week with the in-laws and you were very happy on the beach to just hang out in your inflatable pool. You rode your first carousel on the Rehoboth boardwalk and had many late nights out on the deck. We also survived our first solo flight together. We flew to Pinehurst to visit Nana & Poppy and survived checking in, security, and the hour long flight. Now coming home was a different story, it was an 8 hour car ride and you did wonderfully. As long as someone is sitting in the back with you, you are a happy traveler.

We haven't been to the doctor since our 9 month well visit, but you my dear, weighed a whopping 19 lbs 10 oz. You had gained 2+ pounds since your 8 month visit. You are eating 3 meals day and typically 3-4 6 oz bottles. You were also 27 1/4 inches tall. We tried the Gerber macaroni & cheese this month and it is a BIG hit. Luckily, you show no signs of being a picky eater (except for that nasty dog-food-like Sprout packet). Ugh, mama wouldn't like that either babes. You typically wear 9 month clothing but still fit in some 6/9 month outfits. We are due for some fall wardrobe updates, as well as some shoes, since I am pretty sure you will soon be walking. Mama is already eyeing up some Uggs for the winter time, perhaps they will be a birthday gift, hint hint Nana!

You are becoming so much more animated each and everyday. You are constantly blabbering and blowing serious raspberries. Clapping your hands and doing "So Big" is one of your favorite activities. I love your huge dimply smile and it makes my day to see you cheesing at me when I collect you from your crib...standing of course. It cracks me up in the morning when you stand there with a paci in your mouth and 1 in each hand. You LOVE your pacifiers and it will be a huge transition when we decide to get rid of them, whenever that may be. You even have tried to bring them into the bathtub! As soon as you hear the water running in the bath, you speed crawl to the bathroom and stand at the tub waiting to get in..it makes us giggle every time.

Mama has so enjoyed having her summer off, it has been amazing to watch your grow over the last few months. I adore every part of you and am so proud to be your mama. It's hard to believe that in just 2 short months, you will be ONE. I will have a toddler. While it is a bit upsetting, I am so anxious to see what these next months will bring, I can only imagine it will get more entertaining. We love you to the moon and back.



Mrs. Mama said...

oh i love her! so sweet!

elli is also 19 pounds 7 ounces!! hehe, happy healthy eaters :)

Lindsey B said...

Happy 10 months!!

And what is it with babies and fireplaces or animal bowls? Dog bowls are like Kate's most favorite thing ever!

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