Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to school..Back to school..

That's right folks.
This SAHM gig I have going on will come to a close on September 1st - it's back to the real world..until next summer.
I truly do enjoy my job, but I have so enjoyed spending my summer month with this little ray of sunshine..

I work as a school counselor in a K-8 school..so I have the real little tykes all the way up to the middle schoolers who are frequently taller than me. I never planned to be a school counselor, I actually wanted to be an elementary teacher all my life. I took a course my first winter term at Elon where I was in a classroom everyday for 3 weeks. I found myself not really loving the whole teacher gig, it was exhausting keeping up with 20+ kids and you never had a moment to yourself except for prep and lunch.

I soon switched my major to communications, but then I earned a C- in my first communications class. I blame it on the partying fast pace of the class. I later switched to Psychology and I did enjoy most of the classes that were required - especially Child Psychology. My senior year I attended a career night where there were 2 speakers; one a school psychologist and the other a school counselor. A school psychologist does tons of testing and report writing, while the counselor gets to have small groups, teach classroom guidance lessons, and have a hopefully positive influence on their students lives. I would still be in the school setting with the rockin' school schedule, I just wouldn't be in charge of a whole classroom. Perfect!

Sooo...what I am getting at is that even though I can't be a SAHM (wahhh) at this point in my life, I feel that I still have a great job that is accommodating to having children. Just hear, I mean read the perks.
I work 8:20-3:09
I don't bring any work home with me
I have many days off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a week-long spring break
and most importantly...the whole summer off to be with the fam!

So for the next 15 days..I will be enjoying a life of leisure..and lots of baby snuggles.


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