Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So What! Wednesday

This week i'm saying SO WHAT! if....

1) The only thing I have to eat in my house is Cheerios, Cheese Puffs, and Sun Chips. I seriously need to get to the grocery store ASAP. Because that is not a healthy diet clearly. Today I ate a bowl of cheerios around 1 and then Chilis at 7. You would think I would have been starving, but I wasn't. Guess thats why I am 5 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight (damn MILF alert?)

2) I'm currently watching High School Musical 3 and literally drooling over Zac Efron. He is literally gorgeous and have you seen his body? Oww oww!! (Sorry hubs). And yes I am watching HSM3 and have seen the others multiple times. I just love Troy and Gabriella. And Camp Rock. Ok I should move on before I embarrass myself.

3) I tried CIO with Saige and lasted about 15 minutes. I may just be rocking her to sleep until she is too heavy to fit in my lap anymore. Just the sound and sight of her standing her in crib wailing was too much for this mama. I'm such a wimp and yes she is spoiled.

4) I don't understand how moms can physically paint their babies toenails. I can't even get S to sit still long enough for me to clip her nails, much less paint them, and allow them to dry? Hell no. How do they do it?

5) I'm actually a little bit anxious for school to start. I love a fresh start and am looking forward to seeing all my work friends. Also the chance to browse the internet without any interruptions meet new students and get back in the swing of things.

6) I'm already overwhelmed by the number of weddings we have next year. I'm happy for all ya'll but stop getting engaged, k? Thanks. Since now it is protocol to give $150-$200 as a wedding gift in these areas. This new homeowner couple will be eating Ramen and drinking water for the rest of our lives. Yummy.

7) I now have 2 Erin Condren planners and barely have enough life plans to fill up one of them. I got the one I ordered before the site was hacked..did this happen to anyone else? Luckily I still got the 2nd one as I changed up the personalization and liked that one better. Anyone have my name and need a planner? Probably not.

8) Speaking of names, S will never be able to find a keychain, cup, necklace with her name on it, without it being special ordered. It drove me crazy when I was younger that I could never find the name "Quinn". Now i've done the same to my daughter. Sorry love - we are just unique.

What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week?


Ashley Paige said...

Shhhh.. but we can't CIO either. It's me. I just can't listen to C cry until he gags himself and dry heaves. I can't do it. And the standing at the crib rail, yelling MAMA! No. No way. I'm too much of a softie. Like you, I'll be rocking C to sleep until he's in the fifth grade. LOL :)

And umm.. don't you paint the baby's nails while they're napping? I mean, thats what i though. its not like I paint C's nails... LOL..

Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog... I always laugh out loud! I can totally identify with only having three "food groups" in the house... I think all my hubs and I have now is diet coke, popcorn and a box of special K. Happy Wednesday!

Happiness Is... said...

CIO is hard! Thankfully Thatcher caught on super quickly or we wouldn't have lasted. For us it worked, but it is not for everyone by any means. I couldn't do it if he had kept wailing (he started putting himself to sleep quickly after like 2 nights).

I don't get nail polish on babies either. Physically or otherwise.

Lea Liz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I have loved reading yours! Your little girl is just adorable!!

Kodie said...

My name is Kodie (I'm a girl) so I understand not being able to find stuff personalized with my name. I used to HATE it but now I like not having a common name.

My sister is currently letting my nephew CIO at night (he's almost two). He's getting MUCH better (the only person he cries for is my sister. Me or her boyfriend can put him down no problems). Last night she called me when she put him down so I could hear him pitifully say, "Mama UP!" So glad he doesn't do that for me (although it would sound more like, "Bubbey, UP" since he can't say my name and has started calling me Bubbey...but I love it :) ).

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