Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A certain itty-bitty tricker treater would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween...

We were in festive Halloween attire all day long. But nothing was sweeter than my delicious cupcake...aka it was the only costume we could find on Sunday. Saigey I promise we will be more prepared next year...maybe?

We went out for about a half hour but then she was ready to get back home and hand out candy...


Making our House a Home..Part 2

Our next spot on the L family home tour is the lovely guest room..
..and thank god for the guest room. It is great to have 3 bedrooms as our guests no longer have to shack up on the sofa or on the cot. Yes we had a cot in our condo for when the grandmas spend the night. BUT now they can sleep in an actual their own room. They are thrilled. Honestly.

A plus of this house is the large bedrooms. In Havertown, many of the homes are older and therefore the bedrooms are more on the smaller side. Thankfully, our rooms are large with plenty of windows. We used our old IKEA bedroom furniture for the guest room and it worked out rather well. I can't say i'm too fond of the carpet color in this room, actually I hate it. But my husband won the carpet argument and we're stuck with burgundy. Damn you Home Depot - get cheaper carpet! We painted the walls which totally brightens the room. Once again, previous homeowners - hideous odd color schemes.

Hope everyone had a lovely possibly snow-filled weekend..


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saige turned one...and we had some FUN!

Saige's birthday weekend turned out FABULOUS!
It truly was such a special celebration and not to sound too corny & lame...but we definitely bonded as a little family of 3. All of our friends & family were so excited to be there for Saige and she was showered with so much love. And i'm sure she didn't mind all the extra attention! She looked adorable in her monogrammed Etsy shirt and tutu, what a little princess. She was full of energy for the party, as she got in a good morning nap. However, by 4:00, she was ready to crash for her afternoon nap (and then I opened all some of her gifts).  

Some of her awesome gifts included an adorable North Face fleece, a bike seat that attaches to the back of both of our bikes, and a ladybug music rocking horse. Also tons of clothes & toys. Thank goodness for a large attic & basement. Anyway back to the party, we didn't have an infamous smash cake as she had one at her first year photo shoot and couldn't have cared less. As soon as she dug her hands into that cake, she looked at me like MOM get this off my hands. Wait till you see the pictures, it is hilarious. So at the party we just had a DQ ice cream cake, our favorite. I could eat DQ every day of the week, and then I also would probably be 300 pounds.

On Sunday afternoon we headed down the block to the neighborhood block party. Have I mentioned how much I love my new neighborhood? Because we do. It is just what we needed. We met tons of new people and some potential mom-friends/play daters. All the neighbors have been so welcoming and eager to meet us and Saige. Now we just have to prepare for Halloween night..aka stock up on candy and find S a costume. Yes, she still has no costume, mom fail.

How can you not melt at that face? 4 more hours of work then i'm off to kiss those sweet cheeks.


Friday, October 21, 2011

I have a 1 year old? Say what?!

My sweet little girl is ONE.
..AND we survived our first year as parents...woot woot!
My heart has honestly grown twice as large over the past year. I never imagined that I could love like I do now. I never imagined how much joy a child can bring to your life. I also never imagined that I would miss those first few sleep-deprived weeks after her birth. The weeks when she would never let me put her down, the moments where I would kiss her tiny hands and toes, the nights we spent snuggling on the sofa. I truly can't imagine life without her, she truly has been such a blessing to Brandon and myself. The happiness she has brought to our lives is remarkable.
Last night after she drank her nighttime bottle, I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep. Something I haven't had to do for months. I looked at her sweet angelic face, kissed her soft cheeks, and cried a few tears. Not tears of sadness. Tears of joy, happiness, and love. After a few minutes of rocking, I placed her in her crib, went downstairs, and told Brandon how lucky we truly have a happy & healthy baby, a new cozy home, and loving & supportive families. Also wonderful friends who will join us to celebrate her birthday tomorrow....or maybe they are just coming for the free booze & food?)
Anyway...enough of the sappiness. I'm sure you want to know her latest accomplishments & obsessions. We don't quite have a walker yet. She is so close but I think too nervous! She will stand by herself unassisted, girlfriend has balance. But she has only taken a few steps. Saige LOVES to climb the stairs, she thinks it is too fun. Luckily for her, the baby gates are still in their boxes so one of us always has to keep an eye out on her. Not only does she climb the stairs, she climbs the stairs holding a water bottle, remote, and 4 pacifiers. Skills ya'll. Saige loves the swing, the vacuum cleaner, and closing & opening doors. Also added to the mix - throwing all her toys on the floor from her high chair..and Gerber lil munchies. We need a dog to collect her crumbs.
She is truly such a delight. Her smile, with those dimples, lights up a room. We can't wait to spend her birthday weekend with her, showering her with millions of kisses and some new kick-ass toys.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tomorrow will come too soon

this bundle of joy will be ONE!

Someone please tell me a year can go by so fast?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making our House a Home..Part 1

There is something about adding your own personal touches to a house that truly makes it feel like your own..
Coming from a rented condo, it has been great to be able to do our own thing, such as painting the rooms.

Luckily, our house was pretty much move in ready, the most crucial project for us was to paint the bedrooms as the previous owners had some horrendous interesting color choices.

So here is a look at Saige's room:

Stay tuned for more room transformations!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

Our sweet baby girl was baptized on Sunday...and she clearly was ECSTATIC!

She was baptized at our church back home in Lebanon
...The church where her mama and dada said "I do".

Our church back at home has an awesome contemporary service called SOUL.COM. It is a multi-sensory service involving contemporary music, graphics, drama, and movie clips. The service truly captivates your attention and honestly, it makes church enjoyable. They recently started having baptisms in the contemporary service, just in time for us to baptize Saige.

She was such an angel during the whole service and baptism, we were only up in front for about 5 minutes. She went to the pastors arms without throwing a fit and I think was shocked when she saw herself up on the big screen.

We got so many compliments after the service on her easygoing and adorable demeanor, especially when we headed to our local country club for brunch with family & friends. She was loving all the attention and was up for 4+ hours when she is usually down for a nap 2 hours after waking up in the morning. I finally got some great family shots with my new camera (on the auto setting of course). One of them will definitely be framed and blown up for the new house.

Happy Thursday.
One more day till the weekend..
..which means a night of fist pumping for us, we have a wedding in the dirty Jerz this weekend.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

O-M-G, I am blogging

da da da...drum roll please..
i'm baaaaaaaaack!!

i've been super busy...fulfilling many roles as a new homeowner, super mom, lazy counselor, and most importantly...a MILF
however, the F-ing is not happening in the L household lately
shit, did I just say that on my blog?

Anyway, enough about our sex life...and onto our life.

-Saige is going to be 1 in 10 days!!!! I can't even wrap my head around that thought. The party date is set, the monogrammed shirt has been ordered, and besides that? I have no clue. The birthday gifts have already started arriving and soon our living room will be stuffed head-to-toe with new gizmos and gadgets. Her new favorite toy? The Zany Zoo activity block...girlfriend LOVES it! We also had her 1-year photos this past Saturday..shot by Kristine Kraft Photography. I clearly have an active baby on my hands, as she did not want to stay still. She was crawling towards the camera, playing with the backdrop, ripping headbands off her head..Kristine did snap some great shots and I can't wait to get them back within the week.

-The house is awesome. So awesome. We are so happy there and it is looking great. Want to know what else is great? A king's basically heaven on earth. What's not so great? A whole bunch of financing from Boscovs and Raymour & Flannigan. And I so badly want to order a headboard & nightstands from Pottery Barn. Some before/after shots will soon be posted! S and I have also been busy stalking making new mommy & baby friends at the park and going on walks around the neighborhood.

So basically I have checked into Suburbia and am looking for a new position as a SAHM, complete with a Lilly Pulitzer tennis ensemble & afternoon lunch/play dates. Any takers?


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