Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

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Saturday Morning Scene

It is a dreary morning down here in North Carolina, it has been raining and storming for the past 2 hours. Hopefully it will clear up so that we will be able to go to the pool later this afternoon. Saige was pounding on the windows this morning and entertaining herself with a silver dog whistle, a gross dog-slobber ball, and of course, a dog.
Mom of the year right here folks.

Now excuse me while I try to catch some more zzz's.
Have a fantastic (and hopefully sunny) weekend ya'll.


Happiness Is... said...

I kind of love a rainy Saturday morning!

Christina said...

Can you send us same rain?
We so need it!
BTW you've got a super cute little lady!

tahnie said...

Oh, I love summer storms! I'm hoping the sun poked out for you at least a little though!

Visiting from Saturday Morning Scene! This is my first time linking up and what fun!


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