Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beauty, Pain, and the Phillies

Many of you may be grossed out/disgusted curious about my recent posts on Twitter about my gum shaving episode that happened on Monday. You see, I have this awful gum receding issue going on, it has been happening for years. When I got my braces off in high school (yes I had braces in high school, I literally have the mouth of a 5 year old), I was expecting this glamorous smile, instead, all I had was a lot of gum. So quickly after I got my braces off, I had my first gum shaving procedure. Basically, it entails a lot of novocaine and a quick shaving of the gums...and VOILA, you can see your teeth again!

Unfortunately for me..this is a recurring problem as my pesty gums continue to grow back again...and again. So this is the 4th time I have had this done and will continue to go back every few years. I have a huge smile and it is something that bothers me when I look at myself in pictures and see a lot of gum. Luckily I am a gum-shaving veteran and barely flinch. I have a wonderful periodontist who truly does remarkable work.



Now onto a more pleasant topic...we took Saige to her 2nd Phillies game on Tuesday night! Every year they have a Hill School alumni tailgating/game event at the ballpark and we've attended for the past 3 years. My younger brother, dad, and grandfather all attended The Hill School, which is a 9-12 prep school located in Pottstown, PA. It is always a good time and who wouldn't enjoy free beer, food, and tailgating games? Saige was such a trooper and hung in there until the end of the 5th inning. They are very accommodating to babies at the stadium, you can bring the stroller and just cruise around. You even get a little first game certificate.

And who doesn't love a baby in a coors light cooler? Clearly she has good taste.



KLaw said...

ouch!!!! But Saige is a cutie!!

Lindsey said...

I totally looked in the mirror to see if my gums were an issue! Ha! And I would think with my mom being a hygienist she would tell me. Luckily I am OK. Also, I really hope Connor gets my mouth/teeth. No braces, retainers, etc. for me!

kjpugs said...

Quinnie I think we should trade... I have actually receding gums aka I will have to have gum grafting eventually. You can give me the gums they scrape off! :)

LG said...

OUCH! But the after pic looks great! Glad you guys had fun at the game! We take peebs to lots of sporting events and so far so good! He enjoys social outings I think!

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