Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays from our family to yours..

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with joy, love, and laughter...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is that you Santa?

Hi Santa what is that fuzziness on your face? Can I touch it please?

I'd say our first Santa pic is a success. No tears..just one curious toddler.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiny Steps

I couldn't wait for Saige to take her first steps.

..and now that she has?

I want to rewind back to crawling. Sure it's all exciting and wonderful and new, but it's exhausting. We no longer just want to ride in the stroller or the shopping cart. We want to walk everywhere and anywhere. It is pretty damn cute to watch her zombielike walk, I have to admit. And she is so proud of herself..which makes us proud, yet exhausted, parents. But what else is new? 

The other day Saige decided she wanted to walk to the park. All by herself without being carried or pushed. So off we went, sporting our brand new sparkly Pedipeds and a snowman shirt. I snapped about 100 photos, trying to get that perfect Christmas card shot. Coming soon to a mailbox near you, thanks to AP for her fab editing skills. I heart having talented bloggy/IRL friends.

Sure we made a few pitstops to climb on a neighbors retaining wall, or to try to sneakily shove acorns in our mouth, but we made it. Now trying to tear the child away from the playground? That was full of tears, kicking, and screaming. So I will only share the happy trek...

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours was full of shopping, decorating, and trying to entertain a whiny toddler through the Christmas Route at Longwood Gardens. That should be an entertaining post.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keeping up with the Joneses

Lawn Envy.
House Envy.
Decoration Envy.
You name it, we got it.
Welcome to the 'burbs.

Our house only sits on .13 acres. The previous owners had serious green thumbs. We do not. We have never owned a pair of gardening gloves. Therefore we are dealing with a shitload of weeds plants, a garden, and a mess of shrubs. My idea? Rip most of it out and plant grass. Easy enough right? This Spring should definitely be interesting, as I will recommend hiring a landscaping crew while the hubs will want to get his hands dirty. I'd rather not have dirt permanently embedded underneath my fingernails. I also look around at our neighbors pristine lawns and frequently say "why doesn't our yard look like that, why is their grass greener, don't we need some type of makeyouryardpretty fertilizer"? 

Our neighborhood houses are also already streaming with lights, garland, giant snow globes, and walkway candy cane lights. Now me? I'm a fan of classy white lights and icicles. I don't particularly enjoy the blinking, flashing, multicolored lights..or the giant inflated Santa in the front yard. I like it simple and understated. We also tried to be a little eco-friendly this year by purchasing LED lights. 

FYI..there are 2 colors of LED lights; cool white & warm white. We figured this out after stringing the whole outside of our house with cool white and then wondering the hell why they looked bluish. Don't worry, we spent the next evening taking them down and putting up the warm white.

It has been difficult starting out in a new house because we never really decorated our apartment for Christmas. It was our first Christmas living together last year and life was hectic with a 2 month old. Therefore, we have no decorations except little odds & ends that we stole borrowed from our parents. We've picked up a few things here and there at HomeGoods & Target but our collection is still a work in progress. And as for a tree that Saige won't destroy? Who I am certain she will be pulling ornaments off a mile a minute. 

So we will give it our best...and hope for a lovely Holiday as a family of three.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks

First off, I would like to give thanks to my followers who still read my blog, as my posts lately are few and far between. It just seems there isn't enough time in the day to get everything in lately. Perhaps that is due to the hecticness of the holidays...or wanting to spend every breathing waking second kissing my sweet girls cheeks.

Speaking of that sweet girl, I had plenty to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving. A new cozy home, a loving husband & family, credit cards, our good health. We spent Thanksgiving and the weekend in our hometown with our families and friends. Many shots drinks were drank, yummy food was devoured, tons of football was watched, and typical holiday arguments occurred between the hubs and I. It can't all be perfect eh? We started off the day by having brunch with my immediate & extended family, then headed over to Brandons Aunts, where Saige hung out with her new cousin Riley.  The day concluded with our yearly trip to the bowling alley. It was a bit different this year, as last year Saige sat in her carseat and looked at the neon lights. This year she was literally trying to walk down the alley, no joke.

Saige also developed a new love for dog crates this weekend. Why play with our expensive toys? Let's just shut the door to the crate, crawl in, and giggle for hours. Seeing her face light up when around animals is priceless. 

For now I will be busy stringing Christmas lights, jamming to some JBiebs music, and trying to keep cat food out of Saige's mouth. Oh the joys of toddlerhood.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Likes & Loathes

Current Likes:
  • A 3-day work week! Now if the kids weren't in school..this would be a LOVE. And it's also payday week. Mama needs to do some Christmas shopping..or go nuts at the Pottery Barn outlet this weekend.
  • The leaves almost all off our trees. This raking, blowing, transporting of leaves is NO fun. So long leaves. Please don't come back on our yard till next Fall.
  • My walking baby toddler and her squeals of joy and excitement. So proud of my little walker. We are anxiously awaiting the Amazon delivery of some sweet Pedipeds! Because every girl needs pink shoes right?
  • Going to the bar on Wednesday night and getting drunk to see all my hometown peeps. Then probably being hungover Thursday and gaining 10 pounds.
  • My Uggs and brown leather boots getting cleaned. My Sperrys and Toms aren't doing it for me anymore.

Current Loathes:
  • The fact that Saige refuses to wear hats. How can a 13 month old be so determined and strong-willed? Even the hats that velcro under her chin? Hell no. She tears them right off. And then her ears freeze. I can't win this battle.
  • Sports on TV all the time. Sure I like a good game on every so often..but not every single night. If it's not football it's a soccer game..or a NASCAR race. I would just like control of the remote for one night. Yes we have 2 televisions but it's more interesting this way.
  • Trying to cut Saiges fingernails. She is lucky I don't cut her finger off with the way she squirms around. Could someone please transform my feisty baby into a hat-wearing short-fingernailed princess? K thanks.
  • The hole in the knee of my Citizens. How is it that my most expensive pairs of jeans are always the first to go?
  • My cats. Does anybody want them? Their hair is all over, they jump on the bathroom counters, and drive me crazy. Ugh. 

1 more day till break.
I think I can..I think I can...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Silent Sunday: One-Year Photos

Thursday, November 17, 2011

One..Two..I mean Four Christmases

Christmas, or any holiday in general, is about being with those who you love.  It is a time to feel a spirit of joy and peace.  It is a time to connect, a day to feel close and thankful for family.  A chance to see relatives who you may only see once a year.  The freedom to enjoy a delicious meal and drink too many glasses of wine.  Wait, wait back up, rewind...a time to feel peace?  The holidays are supposed to be enjoyable?

Well shit, not in this neck of the woods. Our holiday season last year was chaotic, stressful, and it ended with my head over the toilet. No lie. More on that later, and no it wasn't due to the vino. It was due to bouncing around from house to house, trying to please my family and his.  The hubs and I are high school sweethearts and therefore are from the same town, duh. Our parents literally live 8 minutes away from each other. My grandparents live in the same town, as well as his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  So everyone wanted to see us...more like everyone wanted to see Saige.  Let's be honest.  It was more about passing the baby around, she looked so damn cute in her red velour onesie.

Now if I had gotten 4x the amount of presents, that would have been just fine with me. But I didn't..and we were just stuck going from relative to relative. And somehow in the meantime, I caught a nasty stomach bug and found myself hugging the porcelain bowl from midnight to 7 am. You know that feeling when you are so thirsty but everything you drink comes right back up? Yeah. That was my Christmas night. So here's hoping for a less stressful holiday season.  A holiday season where I can relax and be surrounded by my loved ones. For more than 3 hours at a time please.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby let's cruise

Sometimes I wonder how many of us survived our younger baby years. We didn't have the fancy car seats with the LATCH system. We didn't have strollers with shocks and 5-point harnesses. Hell, we were practically sitting in the front seat when we were only 3 years old. And as for baby bike just about looked like this...

Obviously it was a tad more safer than that, but that picture cracks me up. Just tie a basket to the bike, plop the kid in, and let's roll. As I said in a previous post, my parents gifted us with a baby bike seat for Saige. I rode on the back of one of my parents bikes for years as did my brothers. We do a lot of biking down in Hilton Head and at the shore. This coming Easter we will be heading to Hilton Head Island for the week with my family, to the Sea Pines plantation, where there are miles and miles of bike paths. This is an activity that I can't wait to share with Saige. My parents came to visit on Sunday and we decided to try out the new bike seat. Now this bike seat is amazing. It has a handlebar, a padded seat, and even little foot pedals. It even has a suspension system to cushion bumps and jolts. If you are thinking about a bike seat, run to your nearest bike store and pick up one of these! It is also easy to switch between bikes due to the quick latching system!

Now if someone could come up with a helmet that a toddler actually likes..??...that would be fantastic. The tantrum that occurred was epic. I will hate to see the day when I pinch her little neck accidentally. Ugh that was the worst. Thank goodness she quickly forgot about the helmet once we got on our way. We took a nice little ride around the neighborhood and up to the elementary school. Beside her kicking my back the entire time, I clearly need to tighten her little feet into the pedals, we had a great time. I certainly won't be riding no-handed any time soon or popping any wheelies, hauling around 20+ pounds is certainly a workout! 

Luckily that frown turned into a smile as soon as she felt the wind blowing through her hair..
or the paci that was shoved in her mouth.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I have a hit a blank slate lately with my blog.  Which is pathetic since I have only been blogging for a few months. Perhaps its not for me? But then again I have felt frustrated with the blogging/twitter world lately. It's like you need to impress certain people, or try to fit in with a "clique"..and I'm just tired of it. I do appreciate the amazing women that I have gotten the chance to know. Some of them seem real and genuine, while others just seem rude and judgmental. So why am I going out of my way to try to "impress" other bloggers? It's like being in high school again..and no thanks I'd rather not go back to that time in my life. So for now I will focus on positive bloggers and tweets. They are the ones who inspired me to blog. Their stories and feelings are real and it's inspiring. So thank you.
I deleted a previous post that I wrote last week about working in an inner city neighborhood school. My husband brought to my attention that it may have been a little harsh. Which it may have been. But it's truly how I feel. It is a culture shock for me each and everyday. It's hard to remain positive and upbeat, even for me. I keep telling myself, "just get in a few years of experience and then you can change districts". But when you're competing with thousands of other applications for one position in a suburban school, it's tough. I need to start making friends in higher places. It's all about who you know right? Also the commute has been draining. I really need to find another sitter closer for S. 
S has officially started walking. Not for long periods of time, but at least 10 steps at once. She has also started throwing little hissy fits when I take something away from her. Like my glasses when she yanks them off my face..or my iphone. Seriously? What has become of my little angelic child? She actually knows how to press the button on my iphone now. Quite the techy. Also, we are almost completely off formula. We are down to 2 ounces of formula and 4 ounces of whole milk. I don't plan on stopping bottles either for at least a bit, I enjoy that snuggle time way too much. And i'm in no hurry for her to grow up.
DST and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that it gets lighter earlier, but then I hate that it gets dark so early. I am NOT a morning person at all, I could sleep till noon everyday if I could. I literally need an alarm clock that drags me out of bed and into the shower. Mornings in our house are chaotic. Why? Because i'm always running late. The number of yellow lights I run in the morning is insane. Note to self - start waking up earlier or you may get fired. 
Happy Tuesday...which is like Wednesday for me because we have Friday off. Hallelujah. Thanks Vets!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A certain itty-bitty tricker treater would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween...

We were in festive Halloween attire all day long. But nothing was sweeter than my delicious cupcake...aka it was the only costume we could find on Sunday. Saigey I promise we will be more prepared next year...maybe?

We went out for about a half hour but then she was ready to get back home and hand out candy...


Making our House a Home..Part 2

Our next spot on the L family home tour is the lovely guest room..
..and thank god for the guest room. It is great to have 3 bedrooms as our guests no longer have to shack up on the sofa or on the cot. Yes we had a cot in our condo for when the grandmas spend the night. BUT now they can sleep in an actual their own room. They are thrilled. Honestly.

A plus of this house is the large bedrooms. In Havertown, many of the homes are older and therefore the bedrooms are more on the smaller side. Thankfully, our rooms are large with plenty of windows. We used our old IKEA bedroom furniture for the guest room and it worked out rather well. I can't say i'm too fond of the carpet color in this room, actually I hate it. But my husband won the carpet argument and we're stuck with burgundy. Damn you Home Depot - get cheaper carpet! We painted the walls which totally brightens the room. Once again, previous homeowners - hideous odd color schemes.

Hope everyone had a lovely possibly snow-filled weekend..


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saige turned one...and we had some FUN!

Saige's birthday weekend turned out FABULOUS!
It truly was such a special celebration and not to sound too corny & lame...but we definitely bonded as a little family of 3. All of our friends & family were so excited to be there for Saige and she was showered with so much love. And i'm sure she didn't mind all the extra attention! She looked adorable in her monogrammed Etsy shirt and tutu, what a little princess. She was full of energy for the party, as she got in a good morning nap. However, by 4:00, she was ready to crash for her afternoon nap (and then I opened all some of her gifts).  

Some of her awesome gifts included an adorable North Face fleece, a bike seat that attaches to the back of both of our bikes, and a ladybug music rocking horse. Also tons of clothes & toys. Thank goodness for a large attic & basement. Anyway back to the party, we didn't have an infamous smash cake as she had one at her first year photo shoot and couldn't have cared less. As soon as she dug her hands into that cake, she looked at me like MOM get this off my hands. Wait till you see the pictures, it is hilarious. So at the party we just had a DQ ice cream cake, our favorite. I could eat DQ every day of the week, and then I also would probably be 300 pounds.

On Sunday afternoon we headed down the block to the neighborhood block party. Have I mentioned how much I love my new neighborhood? Because we do. It is just what we needed. We met tons of new people and some potential mom-friends/play daters. All the neighbors have been so welcoming and eager to meet us and Saige. Now we just have to prepare for Halloween night..aka stock up on candy and find S a costume. Yes, she still has no costume, mom fail.

How can you not melt at that face? 4 more hours of work then i'm off to kiss those sweet cheeks.


Friday, October 21, 2011

I have a 1 year old? Say what?!

My sweet little girl is ONE.
..AND we survived our first year as parents...woot woot!
My heart has honestly grown twice as large over the past year. I never imagined that I could love like I do now. I never imagined how much joy a child can bring to your life. I also never imagined that I would miss those first few sleep-deprived weeks after her birth. The weeks when she would never let me put her down, the moments where I would kiss her tiny hands and toes, the nights we spent snuggling on the sofa. I truly can't imagine life without her, she truly has been such a blessing to Brandon and myself. The happiness she has brought to our lives is remarkable.
Last night after she drank her nighttime bottle, I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep. Something I haven't had to do for months. I looked at her sweet angelic face, kissed her soft cheeks, and cried a few tears. Not tears of sadness. Tears of joy, happiness, and love. After a few minutes of rocking, I placed her in her crib, went downstairs, and told Brandon how lucky we truly have a happy & healthy baby, a new cozy home, and loving & supportive families. Also wonderful friends who will join us to celebrate her birthday tomorrow....or maybe they are just coming for the free booze & food?)
Anyway...enough of the sappiness. I'm sure you want to know her latest accomplishments & obsessions. We don't quite have a walker yet. She is so close but I think too nervous! She will stand by herself unassisted, girlfriend has balance. But she has only taken a few steps. Saige LOVES to climb the stairs, she thinks it is too fun. Luckily for her, the baby gates are still in their boxes so one of us always has to keep an eye out on her. Not only does she climb the stairs, she climbs the stairs holding a water bottle, remote, and 4 pacifiers. Skills ya'll. Saige loves the swing, the vacuum cleaner, and closing & opening doors. Also added to the mix - throwing all her toys on the floor from her high chair..and Gerber lil munchies. We need a dog to collect her crumbs.
She is truly such a delight. Her smile, with those dimples, lights up a room. We can't wait to spend her birthday weekend with her, showering her with millions of kisses and some new kick-ass toys.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tomorrow will come too soon

this bundle of joy will be ONE!

Someone please tell me a year can go by so fast?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making our House a Home..Part 1

There is something about adding your own personal touches to a house that truly makes it feel like your own..
Coming from a rented condo, it has been great to be able to do our own thing, such as painting the rooms.

Luckily, our house was pretty much move in ready, the most crucial project for us was to paint the bedrooms as the previous owners had some horrendous interesting color choices.

So here is a look at Saige's room:

Stay tuned for more room transformations!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

Our sweet baby girl was baptized on Sunday...and she clearly was ECSTATIC!

She was baptized at our church back home in Lebanon
...The church where her mama and dada said "I do".

Our church back at home has an awesome contemporary service called SOUL.COM. It is a multi-sensory service involving contemporary music, graphics, drama, and movie clips. The service truly captivates your attention and honestly, it makes church enjoyable. They recently started having baptisms in the contemporary service, just in time for us to baptize Saige.

She was such an angel during the whole service and baptism, we were only up in front for about 5 minutes. She went to the pastors arms without throwing a fit and I think was shocked when she saw herself up on the big screen.

We got so many compliments after the service on her easygoing and adorable demeanor, especially when we headed to our local country club for brunch with family & friends. She was loving all the attention and was up for 4+ hours when she is usually down for a nap 2 hours after waking up in the morning. I finally got some great family shots with my new camera (on the auto setting of course). One of them will definitely be framed and blown up for the new house.

Happy Thursday.
One more day till the weekend..
..which means a night of fist pumping for us, we have a wedding in the dirty Jerz this weekend.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

O-M-G, I am blogging

da da da...drum roll please..
i'm baaaaaaaaack!!

i've been super busy...fulfilling many roles as a new homeowner, super mom, lazy counselor, and most importantly...a MILF
however, the F-ing is not happening in the L household lately
shit, did I just say that on my blog?

Anyway, enough about our sex life...and onto our life.

-Saige is going to be 1 in 10 days!!!! I can't even wrap my head around that thought. The party date is set, the monogrammed shirt has been ordered, and besides that? I have no clue. The birthday gifts have already started arriving and soon our living room will be stuffed head-to-toe with new gizmos and gadgets. Her new favorite toy? The Zany Zoo activity block...girlfriend LOVES it! We also had her 1-year photos this past Saturday..shot by Kristine Kraft Photography. I clearly have an active baby on my hands, as she did not want to stay still. She was crawling towards the camera, playing with the backdrop, ripping headbands off her head..Kristine did snap some great shots and I can't wait to get them back within the week.

-The house is awesome. So awesome. We are so happy there and it is looking great. Want to know what else is great? A king's basically heaven on earth. What's not so great? A whole bunch of financing from Boscovs and Raymour & Flannigan. And I so badly want to order a headboard & nightstands from Pottery Barn. Some before/after shots will soon be posted! S and I have also been busy stalking making new mommy & baby friends at the park and going on walks around the neighborhood.

So basically I have checked into Suburbia and am looking for a new position as a SAHM, complete with a Lilly Pulitzer tennis ensemble & afternoon lunch/play dates. Any takers?


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hopping on the "IF" bandwagon

As I have zilch time to think of a creative blog lately, i'm hopping on the "IF" bandwagon because its fun. and easy. and lets face it, you want to know more about me.

Fill in the blanks....
If I were to get pregnant again...I would hope it wouldn't be an "oh shit i'm pregnant" moment followed by tears and rushing to cvs to buy 34 more tests. I also would LOVE if I had the exact same pregnancy - no throwing up and an easy as pie labor. Crossing my fingers. FYI/TMI - Hopefully I will be getting pregnant again next fall.
If I could have any job in the world...If I absolutely had to work, I would be doing exactly what i'm doing, working as a school counselor. I love my job. I love the hours. I love the kids, well most of the time. Sure I would love to be a SAHM somedays but I also love to have a steady income.
If I had a day to myself...I would sleep. sleep. and sleep some more. Then I would lie on the sofa for hours, order papa johns, and catch up on my DVR. Ahhh that would be the life. I would also probably consume a whole bottle of wine, just saying.
If I could get married all over again...I would have the exact same wedding, it was beautiful and perfect. I just wouldn't be pregnant. So I could get drunk enjoy alcoholic beverages. Even though I did indulge in some dirty shirley temples...shhh don't tell. I also would have liked to have a crazy bachelorette weekend. BUT we did have a relaxing spa day which was wonderful.
If I could live anywhere in the US...I would live in NC or SC. They are such gorgeous states and I love the southern charm and hospitality. I also love me some Bojangles & Biscuitville. and Harris Teeter. That is one awesome grocery store. Now only if they paid their teachers more...
If my girl would have been boy they would have been named...Riley or Finn. There's still hope, perhaps the next one will be a boy? Saige also just got a new 2nd cousin named Riley, so clearly that name is out. My mom loves the name Rhys, but its pronounced Reese? I don't get it.
If I could have any talent in the world....I would be able to sing. I seriously can't carry a tune AT ALL. It is god awful...poor Saige will have to listen to her off-key mother for her whole life.
If you met me in real would probably be shocked that my hair is naturally this blonde. And yes I do tan, i'm not albino. I get the "do you tan" question ALL the time.
If I could go back to school and get a different degree...UGH, seriously, at one point in my life I wanted to be a court reporter. Why? Because I seriously type like a madwoman. Not to brag, but my typing skills are phenomenal. And you can freelance and work as you please, even from home. I seriously thought about this, I even researched court reporter schools.
If money was no object...I would be one happy mama & wife.
If I could meet one celebrity, it would of now? I would say Faith Hill & Tim McGraw. Sure it's two people but they basically come as a package. Speaking of package, Tim McGraw in tight jeans? Ow Ow. They just seem like such easy-going people who aren't caught in all the hub-bub.
If I could shop at only one store the rest of my can I choose only 1 store?! Totally TJ Maxx, but only the one in St. Davids. Why? Because they have a whole designer section that is the shit. And they have everything you could possibly need. Providing I have food, shelter, know, all those necessities.
If we were to get another pet it would be...a dog! Hopefully a dog will be joining the L family next summer. Now that we have a house with a fenced in yard, we are puppy ready and able. Goldendoodle please!
If I could go on a trip right would be somewhere warm w/ turquoise water. A cruise would do as well. Any takers?
If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal would one ever choose between these two?! I need them both...just as bad. I don't like cooking or cleaning..clearly i'm not much of a domestic goddess. But..I would go with personal chef, I mean how do you think all the stars say so slim?
If I had the option of plastic surgery...TOTALLY, hands down, a boob job. Not bigger...smaller, more around a small B. Just some perky tits!

I'm sure that was thrilling for all of's all I got right now. There will be more interesting material next week..after I unpack a gazillion boxes while trying to fend off my practically walking baby.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Confession: I've been MIA

I've been a terrible blogger and twitter-er.
I apologize to all my devoted followers. I will return in full force next week.

So where have I been you ask?

We've been busy settling on our new home

...and loving on this precious genius..

I just love her determination. It is amazing to watch her learn new skills.

Now excuse me, we are off to Home Depot and will be up to my ears in paint, spackle, and boxes for the rest of the weekend.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm beginning to freak out a little bit...well actually freak out a lot.
We settle on our house this Thursday and then can begin the long moving process..
There is just so much to be done
get new carpet
pack & unpack
find bedroom & living room furniture
cancel utilities aka argue with Comcast
set up new utilities
...the list could go on and on...

My problem is that once we move in, I want everything to be perfect and in order right away. I guess I need to realize that this will all take long as its presentable by Saige's birthday party. Or I will be going into super freak-out mood.
and we sure as hell don't want that.
I also got a taste of what it would be like to have 2 babies this weekend...
I immediately went home and taped my vag shut
How do people do it? I can barely handle one. I went to visit my school friend Ali & her sweet baby boy Ma$on. Yes we ghettofy his name on multiple occasions.

We survived our weekend alone without Daddy...
and he was SUPER helpful when he got home.


Happy Monday

Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Sneak Peek..

Just wanted to give ya'll a peek at my adorable invitations designed by Little Laws Prints..
...are you ready for it?

Gahh...I can't even stand their cuteness.
They are perfect for the polka-dot theme I will be attempting to create!

Also, it will be our first party at our new house. Eek! I have never hosted a party, much less a party for 30+ people. This should go well..
Stay tuned for more updates..

Psst..I also may have found a sitter for Saige, waiting to hear back from her tonight
*cross your fingers*


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Mother Nature..back off!

In the past 2 weeks..we've had an earthquake, a hurricane, and now torrential down-pouring.

Does Mother Nature hate us? Is she PMS-ing?
...she sure as hell must be pissed about something..

Because now she has messed with my older brother & SIL..and has left a trail of destruction & devastation.

They moved into their first home back in July. An adorable 2-story brick cape-cod back in my hometown. It was finally all starting to come together, furniture had been delivered and hangings & pictures were on the walls..

And then it rained...and poured...and kept raining..

You see, there is a creek near their house so they had to get flood insurance. Ironically, the past owners over the last 50+ years never had any flooding issues. Who would have thought it would happen to them in just 2 months of owning the house? A previous owner had installed 4 sump pumps in the basement, but they could only hold the water off for so long..

Not only was his entire basement flooded..but it was up to the kitchen counters on the first floor. My incredible 65 yr old Dad was over there at 2 am carrying all belongings up to the second floor...

My heart goes out to heart hurts because I know how disappointed they are that this happened. Their once cozy first home is now filled with mud & rain debris. Please keep them in your well as the others that have had devastation over the past 2 weeks.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So What! Wednesday

This week i'm saying SO WHAT! if...

1) I have typed most of my recent posts at work. When else do I get the chance to blog without a baby tugging at my legs? Or my husband giving me shit for not paying attention to him? I think he has developed some sort of jealousy over my new blog/twitter friends. He doesn't get it, they never do.

2) I have a spankin new Canon Rebel and no clue how to use 95% of the buttons. I could barely figure out how to attach the lens. I wish Best Buy offered some type of "learn how to use a DSLR" class...its clearly too time consuming and easy to just read the manual.

3) The sheets right now on our bed are Pottery Barn Teen...and pink/white stripe. They are soft..and the hubs doesn't complain. Speaking of sheets, does anyone elses significant other HATE having the sheets tucked in at the bottom? It annoys me to no end...please keep my side tucked in, thank you.

4) I'm more excited to see my brother and SIL's wedding photos than I was for my own. Speaking of, I haven't ordered one single wedding photo, how awful am I? My package included 3 8x10 prints, just the damn proofs are so small. I really need to get on that.

5) I'm pretty sure i've had athletes foot for the past gross. may have come from my labor & delivery hospital stay. I have the cream for it...i'd just rather itch it, damn I am nasty. Sorry loves.

6) I plan on donating half of my husbands wardrobe to Goodwill while he is away this weekend at a bachelor party. Who needs 2 full huge drawers of tshirts? Not him, the favorites just continue to get rotated.

7) This bachelor party means that I will have the TV & condo to myself from Thursday night to Sunday night. I can't contain my excitement about thoroughly cleaning aka throwing out junk..and watching trashy reality shows.

What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear "Childcare" Providers..

Dear so-called "professional childcare" providers,

Thank you very much for your interest in caring for Saige aka my first-born, the apple of my eye, my own flesh & blood, would dive into an alligator pit for, etc..

I appreciate your willingness to meet with us and highlight all your amazing childcare experience and abilities. Clearly there are some parents who will trust you with their children...however, not ME.

Just because you have your own 12-week old old and now want to stay at home doesn't give you the privilege to charge $50/DAY. So you can ignore my child while you fawn over your new baby? HELL to the NO. And your house is basically a death trap with all the remodeling you have going on. Also, to the woman with 4 kids of her own - no you can't transport my child to and from preschool everyday while you drop your kids off. I want them on stable ground, not in your 1934 minivan. Does that thing even have air bags? I'm pretty sure my child will end up like this some day, duck-taped to the wall by your 2 boys who were running around with scissors (no joke)...

Luckily this is not my child
Call me over protective, call me paranoid. I just don't comfortable with any of these women that I have met so far in my hunt for a new sitter. This whole process makes me want to vomit, then cry, then smash my head into a wall. Heck, I made tons of cash growing up watching other people's kids and I was a nanny during graduate school. I so wish S could remain at her current sitter, just the morning commute would be miserable.

So I will keep on looking...or else, I won't be able to hit the snooze button multiple times in the morning. It won't be the end of the world, just this mama won't be able to catch as many zzz's.

An over-protective first-time Mama

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How I kicked sleep training in the babymaker

I feel like i'm going to jinx myself with this post..
..but whatever.
I need to brag.

I finally got the balls guts to attempt this sleep-training bizness. I had so many encouraging comments on my previous sleep training post that I knew I had to grab life by the horns and try a little, or a lot of CIO. So yes, I let my sweet little angel scream & cry. She stood there and sobbed..and it was terrible. All I wanted to do was rush in, scoop her up, and kiss her wet cheeks. But I didn't...I went out to the family room, turned on the tv, turned off the monitor sound (I could still see her), and tried to occupy myself. My stubborn Saige probably cried on & off for a whole hour and a half. I didn't go in at all, because I had tried that before, and it just upset her more if she saw me.

Since that first night, the crying time has decreased significantly. The skies have parted and she is now sleeping 12+ hours a night. Last night she went to bed at 7 and I had to wake her up this morning at 7. If she wakes up in the night, she may whimper a bit and sit up, but she can put herself back to sleep. I was so worried and apprehensive that she may feel abandoned, but she still gives me a bright & cheerful smile every morning.

All I have to say is...don't knock it till you try it..
..because it may lead to a sleeping baby and happy parents.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting to know ME..the unedited version

So I thought we would get all close & personal..
maybe reach 2nd base? no? ok.
So instead of doing a boring get to know me post..I will let you all in on 5 things you wish you didn't know about me.
aka - the embarrassing/gross/can't believe i'm telling you all this shit stuff.

Hopefully you guys will all still like me, I promise i'm really cool in real life, just ask AP.

1. I'm always super gassy, like all.the.time. I don't understand how people don't fart, like what do they do? I literally farted in a meeting with our realtor, and blamed it on Saige. No lie. That one will go down in the books. Also, another time, my dad answered his cell phone due to the vibration against the chair. I blame that on his rapid loss of hearing.

2. I pick my scabs..gross I know. I have scars all over my legs from bugbites that I never let heal properly. And if I have a pimple? Oh god, I will butcher my face. I have created mountains out of molehills from tiny little blemishes.

3. I used to ice-skate when I was younger and I went to the Keystone State Games, a Pennsylvania athletic competition. I placed 6th. Out of 7 skaters, only because a skater was disqualified. Guess I wasn't too good. I was also that girl who was placed in the back during dance recitals. I blame that on my huge pink glasses. No one puts the ugly girls in front.

4. I never wash my face before going to bed. I never wear much makeup to begin with and it mostly all wears off by the night anyway. I also don't brush my teeth before bed. I never understood the point when you are going to brush them when you wake up anyway? I also loathe washing my hands. I'm lucky I haven't contracted some awful hand-foot-mouth disease.

5. I used to stutter A LOT when I was younger, and I still do every now and then. I thankfully went to a speech therapist back in grade school and it has definitely improved. I still have to think about what I'm going to say before I say it, and if I get too excited, I sometimes can't make out the sound.
Speaking of this..last fall, shortly after I had Saige, my husband and I took her for a walk outside. We ran into a neighbor who we hadn't met yet and we chit-chatted about the new baby. As we were about to part ways, I said, "By the way, my name is.......". And then absolute silence, I couldn't sound out the Q of my name. I actually looked to my husband for help. It was AWFUL. I swear she thought we had kidnapped a baby and were using different names.

That's all I got for now, believe me, I could on and on..
but I do want more followers and don't want to scare you all away.
please love me.

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