The Mr. and I are such a cliche high school sweetheart couple, however, we certainly have had many obstacles to overcome throughout the 9 years we have been together

...and so it begins...

We started dating the summer before our senior year in high school, we had always been in the same circle of friends, just never had any romantic interest in one another (besides that time we made out on a golf course in 9th grade, oops). Basically, he started hanging out with some slut freshman, and I got jealous?! I instantly swooped in and snatched him up, all to myself.

Old School Photo...we were 17 here.
He played varsity soccer, I was the #1 tennis player (can't play now to save my life), we were quite the high school power couple (or so I thought).  

Then came time to apply to colleges, time to figure out what the hell we were going to do after high school.  I looked at a few schools around Pennsylvania, but then one weekend I traveled down to North Carolina with my parents to see Elon University. I immediately fell in love, after all, it was just voted #1 for most beautiful campuses.  It was everything I thought a college campus should be, beautiful green grass, brick buildings, adorable sorority houses, and gorgeous weather all year round. Who wouldn't want to wear Rainbows and polos in February?! I applied early decision as soon as I returned home, and was accepted by the end of October. My current relationship was the last thing on my mind as I thought it was just a high school fling. He decided to attend Drew University in NJ to play D-3 soccer (what a mini David Beckham). 

2003 High School Graduation
Fast forward through senior year, we fell in love (duh) and decided to stay together, and try the 9 hour long distance relationship. Fast forward through 4 years of college, and through TONS, literally thousands of drunken fights, crazy jealousy battles (there was no hiding what you were doing with webshots and facebook photos eeek), plane rides, hours of driving, and many break-ups (the longest lasting for at a max 1 week), and make-ups.  We lived for those summer months when we could spend all our time together..

Boating in Toms River, NJ
..We somehow survived the crazy college years.  It was the hardest 4 years on our relationship, but I wouldn't change a thing about it! Not only did we both get to live our college years individually, but our relationship ultimately grew stronger, and we knew this was the real deal...
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