Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fragments

-Hurricane Irene is a nasty woman. She needs to take herself back where she came from as she is not welcome in the Northeast. We had a lovely low-key weekend planned filled with some furniture shopping and relaxation. Now, the husband is shipping myself and the babes back home to my parents as he heads to Maryland with his Dad to help keep an eye on their boat. I secretly think he just wants an excuse to drink lots of beer. We have been so busy this summer that I was looking forward to just staying put, and not having to pack an overnight bag for the 20348th time.

-We finally got our mortgage commitment. Only after we provided Wells Fargo with 26 years of banking history, copies of rent checks, and our first-born. No really, it was ridiculous. My printer hasn't had so much scanning/copying action in years. The next step is settlement on the 15th of September..then it's moving timeee!!!

-Kristen @ Little Laws Prints has designed some adorable invitations for Saige's 1st Birthday party. She has been such a pleasure to work with and put up with my indecisive/pain in the ass requests and is also hooking me up with some kick-ass cupcake toppers/banners/signs as well. I am still on the hunt for some first year photoshoot worthy outfits, I have some ideas in mind, just need some more options.

-The hubs & I had a lovely dinner date tonight at Mas Cantina in West Chester. S was with family who actually lives right nearby, they had gotten us the gift certificate for our wedding last year. It was nice to be out, sans baby. I could drink my Coronas in peace w/o having to occupy a 10 month old who wants to clear everything off the table.

Everyone stay safe this weekend if you are in the path of Irene, lets hope she slows down and heads back where she came from.


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