I'm 26 and live outside Philadelphia

Elon University Grad
Attended Rosemont for my Masters in School Counseling..
..therefore a School Counselor

Likes: J.Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, reading (when I have time), celebrity gossip, reality tv, Barefoot Pinot Grigio, online shopping, school supplies, cute stationary

Dislikes: Mustard, slow drivers, smelly cheeses

Owner of 2 cats named Frito & Snickers

When they were they are HUGE

Married and mommy to Saige (born on October 21, 2010)

Have a kick-ass family, including 2 brothers and a sweet as can be SIL.

I also have a 1/2 sister who lives in Portland, OR with my BIL, niece, and nephew.

And thats the basics.

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