Thursday, August 11, 2011

Internet Dating & 1st Birthday Prep

First and foremost, thanks for all the sweet & helpful comments on my previous post. It feels great to know that i'm not alone in my sleep training battle..and that there is hope (it will be accompanied by a giant bottle of wine and earplugs for sure).

I will begin some hard-core CIO when we get back from Pinehurst next week
I have every intention of doing it..I swear. Keep posted.

Saige and I flew down to Raleigh on Tuesday and are now enjoying our 2034th summer vacation at my parents lake house in Pinehurst. This whole having summers off deal kicks major ass.

ANYWAY...incase you haven't heard...I met in real life the infamous Ashley Paige of ILYMTC!!
She was wonderful...and so was the Mr., Baby C, and Sheepie. We are all pretty much bff, it's ok to be jealous.
It so happened that we were about 10 minutes away from each other as I was at the shore with my in-laws and AP was at her in-laws beach house as well. We messaged each other for a bit and the next thing I knew...S and I were heading down Route 1 to AP's place. Of course the hubs made me give him her phone # and address incase she happened to be the next craigslist killer. I kid.

It was basically love at first sight..between AP & I..and also Carter & Saige. They shared slobbery toys on the beach and took a romantic stroll along the shore. AP snapped some terrific pics since she is a professional photog and all..

Hopefully she will be sharing some more..hint, hint AP. We have already planned an arranged marriage for S and C. They would have super-cute towhead babies and AP would not be a crazycakes her own. That girl has it rough, she deserves a medal for the shit she goes through!


So speaking of AP...after seeing Carters amazing birthday party, I am off and running with plans for Saige's 1st birthday party. Eek, my baby will be one in practically 2 months. I have decided to go with a polka-dot theme and have found a seller on Etsy who has an ultimate party package. Just what I need for my uncreativeness.
I have scheduled her 1st birthday photoshoot with Kristine Kraft in Lancaster. She did pictures for my friend Alisha and her little girl Emmie..I can't even stand the cuteness.

Now I am scouring Etsy for outfits, tutus, and 1-year tops. This could be dangerous to my credit card, watch out hubs.



Ashley Paige said...

Seriously, I could have written this post myself- as a matter of fact, mine goes up tomorrow at 7am! Annnnnd, it basically says the same thing. Except well, I also profess my love for you since you curse and drink beer. Hilarious..

KLaw said...

Yay! So glad you got to meet AP! I'll get your invite proof to you this evening. So excited!

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