Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene & More...

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Saturday Morning Scene

This morning my lovely anal Dad gave me the task of getting rid of some things in my childhood bedroom. Even though I haven't lived here for quite some time, the closet is still jam packed with books, clothes, odds & ends, etc..

It got me thinking about the things I have that I always knew I would save for my children. Now that we have S, this thought has become a reality. Will she enjoy the same books and dolls? Will she play the same sports? Or am I saving my entire Babysitters Club collection only to toss it in a few years?

Will she enjoy Sweet Valley Twins or my massive collection of Archie Comics? My older brother & I during long car rides would have a huge bag of them between us, and we would whip through them one after the other. What about Angelina Ballerina? I am so looking forward to reading these books to S as she gets older.

Aaaahhh...and my American Girl dolls, all 5 of them. It was such a treat to receive a doll as a birthday or Christmas present. I still have all the clothes and accessories stored in a hat box, just waiting for another little girl to use them again. Now there are American Girl doll stores..and about 29384 new dolls. I secretly look at the magazine every now and then.

And finally..this is completely embarrasing. I can't believe i'm sharing this with all of you. My parents decided to get these 3 life-size posters made of us when we were younger to hang in the basement. This is what mine looked like..

Check out those huge pink glasses..I was pretty much a knockout.
Who knows if S will ever want to be a cheerleader? Perhaps she will get into golf, or tennis, swimming? I mean her mama was an all-star athlete.

Hint Hint, much of those were just for participation. Except for tennis, I was pretty kick-ass throughout high school.

All this makes me wonder about what her interests will be. Will she be a bookworm like her mama? Or maybe she will like to draw and paint. Lord knows I can barely draw a stick figure. However, whatever path she chooses, she will have all our love & support.

Have a great weekend ya'll.


Mrs. Monty said...

I as well have boxes of toys, books, and clothes just waiting for a little girl! My son wants nothing to do with my old dolls!! Happy Weekend!

Kate said...

I have 5 American Dolls too and all the accessories boxed up and waiting for my Monster to be old enough to enjoy them. Josephina was my favorite. I even took her to College with me. :)

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