Well apparently 4 years long distance wasn't enough for us, so we stretched it out for another 2 1/2 years of long distance.  I moved to the Main Line (ahhh heaven on earth) to get my masters in school counseling at Rosemont...and Brandon continued the college party by moving to Hoboken, Nj and working as an auditor. While he lived the dream life, I slaved away as a full time graduate student and nanny.  Let me clarify, I was hired as a nanny, then ended up fulfilling chores of a housekeeper, personal driver, and professional grocery shopper.  It paid the bills and would look good on my resume.  Fortunately, we were only 2 hours away and made frequent weekend visits to one another. 

I began my job as a school counselor in the Philadelphia School District in the Fall of 2009 and FINALLY the hubby decided to move to Philadelphia in January of 2010. It was our first time living together and we were so excited!! But then we had a massive snowstorm - and no cable...which ultimately led to a HUGE surprise in the middle of February:

So for us...first came love, then came BABY!!

You may ask, how the hell did this happen?  Apparently my years of inconsistent birth control pill taking had caught up to me - needless to say, it was a major shock to both of us.  I may have cried on the bathroom floor for an hour and driven to the closest CVS and bought a test of every kind. 

I had my first ob-gyn appointment at 6 weeks, and the same day, I purchased a wedding dress.  Yes my classy lady-self had a shotgun wedding! We were going to get married anyway eventually, so why not make it official before the baby arrives?  Now I have to say, not to be bias, I had a kick-ass wedding that was planned in 3 months.  It was everything I ever wanted a wedding to be.  And since we were on a time-constraint, I didn't hem and haw over every decision. It went so smoothly, thanks to my wonderful mom & dad who didn't bat an eyelash while writing their 100th check. 

I was 19 weeks pregnant when we got married and found out we were having a baby girl 2 weeks later.

2010 was one hell of a year, I married the love of my life & was blessed with an incredible little girl.  

As my grandmother always says, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".....
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