Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So What! Wednesday

This week i'm saying SO WHAT! if...

1) I have typed most of my recent posts at work. When else do I get the chance to blog without a baby tugging at my legs? Or my husband giving me shit for not paying attention to him? I think he has developed some sort of jealousy over my new blog/twitter friends. He doesn't get it, they never do.

2) I have a spankin new Canon Rebel and no clue how to use 95% of the buttons. I could barely figure out how to attach the lens. I wish Best Buy offered some type of "learn how to use a DSLR" class...its clearly too time consuming and easy to just read the manual.

3) The sheets right now on our bed are Pottery Barn Teen...and pink/white stripe. They are soft..and the hubs doesn't complain. Speaking of sheets, does anyone elses significant other HATE having the sheets tucked in at the bottom? It annoys me to no end...please keep my side tucked in, thank you.

4) I'm more excited to see my brother and SIL's wedding photos than I was for my own. Speaking of, I haven't ordered one single wedding photo, how awful am I? My package included 3 8x10 prints, just the damn proofs are so small. I really need to get on that.

5) I'm pretty sure i've had athletes foot for the past gross. may have come from my labor & delivery hospital stay. I have the cream for it...i'd just rather itch it, damn I am nasty. Sorry loves.

6) I plan on donating half of my husbands wardrobe to Goodwill while he is away this weekend at a bachelor party. Who needs 2 full huge drawers of tshirts? Not him, the favorites just continue to get rotated.

7) This bachelor party means that I will have the TV & condo to myself from Thursday night to Sunday night. I can't contain my excitement about thoroughly cleaning aka throwing out junk..and watching trashy reality shows.

What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week?


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I soooo need to throw out some of my husbands clothes. He unfortunately doesn't know when it's time to retire things! He also has 2 drawers packed full of T-shirts.

Ashley Paige said...

HAHA.. i ALWAYS clean out the Husband's drawers when he's out of town! But then I pull the "gosh, honey. I haven't seen {insert grody article of clothing} in so long! I wonder what happened to it!" Enjoy your husband-free weekend.. I know I tend to love them more than I should when they happen! :) Wish we could spend the weekend together!! I would so bring the Hefeweisen.

Shannon Dew said...

Confession, I do ALL my posts {and commenting} at work! It's the only chance to do it considering I'm way too busy when I'm home!

Kate said...

So what if I love blogging more than watching a movie!

So what if I am more excited about seeing my family than I am about getting married in LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!

So what if I told the seamstress emerald green and it is now lime green!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

sounds like you are going to have an amazing time while the hubby is gone soak it all up while you can :) have a great weekend..

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Hi! New follower. :) You are hilarious, I just about peed myself reading #5. Gotta love the new priorities that come with being a mom...hygiene is so lowww on my list these days!

A Beautiful Mess said...

I just got a new nikon camera! I have no idea how to use it either! LOL! :)

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