Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby let's cruise

Sometimes I wonder how many of us survived our younger baby years. We didn't have the fancy car seats with the LATCH system. We didn't have strollers with shocks and 5-point harnesses. Hell, we were practically sitting in the front seat when we were only 3 years old. And as for baby bike just about looked like this...

Obviously it was a tad more safer than that, but that picture cracks me up. Just tie a basket to the bike, plop the kid in, and let's roll. As I said in a previous post, my parents gifted us with a baby bike seat for Saige. I rode on the back of one of my parents bikes for years as did my brothers. We do a lot of biking down in Hilton Head and at the shore. This coming Easter we will be heading to Hilton Head Island for the week with my family, to the Sea Pines plantation, where there are miles and miles of bike paths. This is an activity that I can't wait to share with Saige. My parents came to visit on Sunday and we decided to try out the new bike seat. Now this bike seat is amazing. It has a handlebar, a padded seat, and even little foot pedals. It even has a suspension system to cushion bumps and jolts. If you are thinking about a bike seat, run to your nearest bike store and pick up one of these! It is also easy to switch between bikes due to the quick latching system!

Now if someone could come up with a helmet that a toddler actually likes..??...that would be fantastic. The tantrum that occurred was epic. I will hate to see the day when I pinch her little neck accidentally. Ugh that was the worst. Thank goodness she quickly forgot about the helmet once we got on our way. We took a nice little ride around the neighborhood and up to the elementary school. Beside her kicking my back the entire time, I clearly need to tighten her little feet into the pedals, we had a great time. I certainly won't be riding no-handed any time soon or popping any wheelies, hauling around 20+ pounds is certainly a workout! 

Luckily that frown turned into a smile as soon as she felt the wind blowing through her hair..
or the paci that was shoved in her mouth.



Lindsey said...

She is so cute!! I was thinking of getting one myself- thank you for posting so that I know of a great one to get :)

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