Tuesday, October 11, 2011

O-M-G, I am blogging

da da da...drum roll please..
i'm baaaaaaaaack!!

i've been super busy...fulfilling many roles as a new homeowner, super mom, lazy counselor, and most importantly...a MILF
however, the F-ing is not happening in the L household lately
shit, did I just say that on my blog?

Anyway, enough about our sex life...and onto our life.

-Saige is going to be 1 in 10 days!!!! I can't even wrap my head around that thought. The party date is set, the monogrammed shirt has been ordered, and besides that? I have no clue. The birthday gifts have already started arriving and soon our living room will be stuffed head-to-toe with new gizmos and gadgets. Her new favorite toy? The Zany Zoo activity block...girlfriend LOVES it! We also had her 1-year photos this past Saturday..shot by Kristine Kraft Photography. I clearly have an active baby on my hands, as she did not want to stay still. She was crawling towards the camera, playing with the backdrop, ripping headbands off her head..Kristine did snap some great shots and I can't wait to get them back within the week.

-The house is awesome. So awesome. We are so happy there and it is looking great. Want to know what else is great? A king bed...it's basically heaven on earth. What's not so great? A whole bunch of financing from Boscovs and Raymour & Flannigan. And I so badly want to order a headboard & nightstands from Pottery Barn. Some before/after shots will soon be posted! S and I have also been busy stalking making new mommy & baby friends at the park and going on walks around the neighborhood.

So basically I have checked into Suburbia and am looking for a new position as a SAHM, complete with a Lilly Pulitzer tennis ensemble & afternoon lunch/play dates. Any takers?



Ashley Paige said...

Sigh. That is my dream life. :)

Legallyblondemel said...

Please tell me I can purchase one of those "LaunderMILF" shirts somewhere. That is the definition of awesome.

Also, that SAHM job description sounds pretty peachy - sign me up. :-)

Lindsey said...

I lovvvvvee your shirt!!! How awesome! So glad the new house is working out great! I hope the birthday bash goes amazing too!

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