Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Mother Nature..back off!

In the past 2 weeks..we've had an earthquake, a hurricane, and now torrential down-pouring.

Does Mother Nature hate us? Is she PMS-ing?
...she sure as hell must be pissed about something..

Because now she has messed with my older brother & SIL..and has left a trail of destruction & devastation.

They moved into their first home back in July. An adorable 2-story brick cape-cod back in my hometown. It was finally all starting to come together, furniture had been delivered and hangings & pictures were on the walls..

And then it rained...and poured...and kept raining..

You see, there is a creek near their house so they had to get flood insurance. Ironically, the past owners over the last 50+ years never had any flooding issues. Who would have thought it would happen to them in just 2 months of owning the house? A previous owner had installed 4 sump pumps in the basement, but they could only hold the water off for so long..

Not only was his entire basement flooded..but it was up to the kitchen counters on the first floor. My incredible 65 yr old Dad was over there at 2 am carrying all belongings up to the second floor...

My heart goes out to heart hurts because I know how disappointed they are that this happened. Their once cozy first home is now filled with mud & rain debris. Please keep them in your well as the others that have had devastation over the past 2 weeks.



amyk1911 said...

I'm a new follower...found your blog on Mrs. to Mama. Your daughter is adorable! I have an almost 8-month-old so it's nice to read about Saige and know what to expect with Kyla.


Erin said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear this. I had many friends who lost their houses to the flood in Nashville last year and it's a very sad thing. Praying for your brother and SIL! Mother nature definitely needs to calm herself down!

Happiness Is... said...

I am so sorry. I totally understand after watching my family home flood during Katrina. It's the worst, and I'll keep them in my thoughts & prayers.

A Beautiful Mess said...

New follower! Sending prayers their way!

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