Monday, October 31, 2011

Making our House a Home..Part 2

Our next spot on the L family home tour is the lovely guest room..
..and thank god for the guest room. It is great to have 3 bedrooms as our guests no longer have to shack up on the sofa or on the cot. Yes we had a cot in our condo for when the grandmas spend the night. BUT now they can sleep in an actual their own room. They are thrilled. Honestly.

A plus of this house is the large bedrooms. In Havertown, many of the homes are older and therefore the bedrooms are more on the smaller side. Thankfully, our rooms are large with plenty of windows. We used our old IKEA bedroom furniture for the guest room and it worked out rather well. I can't say i'm too fond of the carpet color in this room, actually I hate it. But my husband won the carpet argument and we're stuck with burgundy. Damn you Home Depot - get cheaper carpet! We painted the walls which totally brightens the room. Once again, previous homeowners - hideous odd color schemes.

Hope everyone had a lovely possibly snow-filled weekend..



Ally said...

Looks cute! Is this Saige's room?

Mrs. Mama said...

isn't it wonderful to make it your own?! great job!

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