Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Likes & Loathes

Current Likes:
  • A 3-day work week! Now if the kids weren't in school..this would be a LOVE. And it's also payday week. Mama needs to do some Christmas shopping..or go nuts at the Pottery Barn outlet this weekend.
  • The leaves almost all off our trees. This raking, blowing, transporting of leaves is NO fun. So long leaves. Please don't come back on our yard till next Fall.
  • My walking baby toddler and her squeals of joy and excitement. So proud of my little walker. We are anxiously awaiting the Amazon delivery of some sweet Pedipeds! Because every girl needs pink shoes right?
  • Going to the bar on Wednesday night and getting drunk to see all my hometown peeps. Then probably being hungover Thursday and gaining 10 pounds.
  • My Uggs and brown leather boots getting cleaned. My Sperrys and Toms aren't doing it for me anymore.

Current Loathes:
  • The fact that Saige refuses to wear hats. How can a 13 month old be so determined and strong-willed? Even the hats that velcro under her chin? Hell no. She tears them right off. And then her ears freeze. I can't win this battle.
  • Sports on TV all the time. Sure I like a good game on every so often..but not every single night. If it's not football it's a soccer game..or a NASCAR race. I would just like control of the remote for one night. Yes we have 2 televisions but it's more interesting this way.
  • Trying to cut Saiges fingernails. She is lucky I don't cut her finger off with the way she squirms around. Could someone please transform my feisty baby into a hat-wearing short-fingernailed princess? K thanks.
  • The hole in the knee of my Citizens. How is it that my most expensive pairs of jeans are always the first to go?
  • My cats. Does anybody want them? Their hair is all over, they jump on the bathroom counters, and drive me crazy. Ugh. 

1 more day till break.
I think I can..I think I can...


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