Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm beginning to freak out a little bit...well actually freak out a lot.
We settle on our house this Thursday and then can begin the long moving process..
There is just so much to be done
get new carpet
pack & unpack
find bedroom & living room furniture
cancel utilities aka argue with Comcast
set up new utilities
...the list could go on and on...

My problem is that once we move in, I want everything to be perfect and in order right away. I guess I need to realize that this will all take long as its presentable by Saige's birthday party. Or I will be going into super freak-out mood.
and we sure as hell don't want that.
I also got a taste of what it would be like to have 2 babies this weekend...
I immediately went home and taped my vag shut
How do people do it? I can barely handle one. I went to visit my school friend Ali & her sweet baby boy Ma$on. Yes we ghettofy his name on multiple occasions.

We survived our weekend alone without Daddy...
and he was SUPER helpful when he got home.


Happy Monday


Jessica Hudson said...

LOL! The pic of your hubby cracks me up. Luke is headed to Vegas on Thursday night for a bachelor party - yes, 3 NIGHTS! I'm sure he's going to be a giant waste of space on Sunday too. I think we both deserve some sort of gift, or spa day, or something!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

hahah love it...I feel like my hubs is that way often too...we moved in March, I had a baby in May and our house is still in my opinion in a shambles, I just want it furnished and decorated perfectly already and I am restless that its not, I know how you feel!

Elizabeth said...

Bahaha...this post so made me laugh!

And that last picture of your hubs, that's a look in to my future with mine...{sigh}

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