Friday, October 21, 2011

I have a 1 year old? Say what?!

My sweet little girl is ONE.
..AND we survived our first year as parents...woot woot!
My heart has honestly grown twice as large over the past year. I never imagined that I could love like I do now. I never imagined how much joy a child can bring to your life. I also never imagined that I would miss those first few sleep-deprived weeks after her birth. The weeks when she would never let me put her down, the moments where I would kiss her tiny hands and toes, the nights we spent snuggling on the sofa. I truly can't imagine life without her, she truly has been such a blessing to Brandon and myself. The happiness she has brought to our lives is remarkable.
Last night after she drank her nighttime bottle, I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep. Something I haven't had to do for months. I looked at her sweet angelic face, kissed her soft cheeks, and cried a few tears. Not tears of sadness. Tears of joy, happiness, and love. After a few minutes of rocking, I placed her in her crib, went downstairs, and told Brandon how lucky we truly have a happy & healthy baby, a new cozy home, and loving & supportive families. Also wonderful friends who will join us to celebrate her birthday tomorrow....or maybe they are just coming for the free booze & food?)
Anyway...enough of the sappiness. I'm sure you want to know her latest accomplishments & obsessions. We don't quite have a walker yet. She is so close but I think too nervous! She will stand by herself unassisted, girlfriend has balance. But she has only taken a few steps. Saige LOVES to climb the stairs, she thinks it is too fun. Luckily for her, the baby gates are still in their boxes so one of us always has to keep an eye out on her. Not only does she climb the stairs, she climbs the stairs holding a water bottle, remote, and 4 pacifiers. Skills ya'll. Saige loves the swing, the vacuum cleaner, and closing & opening doors. Also added to the mix - throwing all her toys on the floor from her high chair..and Gerber lil munchies. We need a dog to collect her crumbs.
She is truly such a delight. Her smile, with those dimples, lights up a room. We can't wait to spend her birthday weekend with her, showering her with millions of kisses and some new kick-ass toys.



Mrs. Mama said...

oh my she is just so beautiful! happpy birthday mama and baby!!! wish you a WONDERFUL weekend!

KLaw said...

Where does the time go, right? Happy birthday sweet girl!

Happiness Is... said...

I really wish there was a way to slow time down. It's like you're SO excited for the next milestone but want the days gone by to stick around. Le sigh. She's a cutie. Happy birthday to Saige (and many more!)

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Saige!

Lindsey said...

What a great post! Hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating!! She is soo precious!

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