Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts...a mishmash of sorts

Happy Tuesday to all 11 of my followers (woot woot)
now please follow me peeps...

I have neglected my blog since Saturday due to some college-style partying, car woes, and house-hunting.

Saturday evening was spent in Annapolis with 15 of our closest friends - we celebrated an engagement, a new pregnancy, and just the fact that we were all together in one place. I drank one too many RBV's (red bull & vodka, my drink of choice), stayed up way too late, and was a hot sweaty mess. It was fabulous and I can't wait till we do it again.


Due to my tiny fender bender, my car is in the shop...waiting for estimates, parts, and miracles. Oh yeah..and my rental car is a legit box on wheels:

I also have been rather spoiled with my hooked-up Toyota Rav4. It has bluetooth and I am highly annoyed that I actually have to hold my phone to talk to in the car now.
Like what a drag.
Spoiled much?

We have been house-hunting since January. Currently we live in a rented 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo. Basically we rent out space from Saige, due to all her shit belongings. My mom and I refer to the condo as "the cave"...as it doesn't get much natural sunlight. I turn on every single light in the place and it drives the hubs crazy.

We need a real home, a place that is cozy & homey, somewhere we can put down roots.
A neighborhood with other kids, sidewalks, and a yard.

However, the Philadelphia suburbs are not cheap. The houses are a pretty penny. And the taxes? It makes my jaw drop.
Our house-hunt has not been easy. We made one offer on a townhome, and got outbid. Mostly due to my cheap logical husband.

We are making an offer tonight on a perfect home for us. It is the perfect size, is in a perfect neighborhood, and has a perfect playground/park around the block.

Wish us luck (and send $$$)



Momma StJ said...

Hope you get your home!!! There is nothing like being a homeowner!
My husband and I were looking to move to the Philly suburbs when we first got married....yeahh we stayed put in our small town cuz aint know way we could afford those taxes :)

kjpugs said...

Ugh the house hunt... hate that! And that car is horrid looking!!

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