Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recap & Pics Galore

The past week or so has certainly been busy in the life of the L's. 

We were consumed by a week at the beach and my older brothers nuptials.

So...here is a little recap of all our events



To say the least, I need a vacation (sans baby) after this vacation. The beach is supposed to be relaxing - full of naps, gossip magazines, and adult beverages. Instead, our days would go a little like this: wake up at 8 (after being awake 1-2x during night due to teething baby), play with baby for 2 hours, put baby down for 2-3 hour nap which means only going out to beach around 1:30, lug 30 pounds of baby shit gear out to beach, try to stop baby from shoveling sand in mouth, force tired baby into BOB stroller to take afternoon nap on walk, go back to house - usually holding baby while stroller is full of above-mentioned shit, wash sand and sunscreen off baby, feed dinner, bed....repeat the next day.

Not to say we didn't have a great time with family & friends, I will just be looking forward to the beach next year when she is a bit more self-sufficient.

Mad props to AP for the Costco tent referral. It immediately became known as the "biodome" among our family. Also - if you need new beach chairs, run to your nearest Costco for the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs. They are amazing and keep both hands free. Which you will need for the baby shit. And it keeps your Twisted Teas cool.

Did I just say mad props? Wow.



We shipped Saige off to one of my husbands aunts for the weekend and headed to Horsham for the wedding events. The rehearsal dinner was Friday night at a local Country Club and it was terrific.

The Mr & I
My mom and soon to be SIL 
The hubs and my nephew
Bridal party...yes there were 11 bridesmaids
Our ever-growing family
My parents with the soon to be newlyweds
My grandmother, mom, and aunts

Saturday was full of hair & makeup appointments, mimosas, and pictures. I can't wait to see all the professional photos as all the colors looked gorgeous together. The groomsmen wore light grey J.Crew suits with green & pink ties and us bridesmaids wore light pink.

The band was phenomenal. My feet still hurt from dancing.

The venue was perfect, same with the weather. They truly couldn't have picked a more gorgeous day.

My sister-in-law Katie looked absolutely stunning and I couldn't be happier to have her as part of the family. They are off on their honeymoon, currently they are relaxing on the Amalfi Coast and then will be traveling to Rome.
Getting ready in the bridal suite
Beautiful bride

The new mr & mrs

The hubs & I

Happy Tuesday


kjpugs said...

Ok Quinn you actually look awesome in that dress! I think it looks beautiful! And I'm jealous of your beach time, even if it was half spent making sure no one was eating sand :)

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