Friday, July 15, 2011

A Teething Rant

The terrible teething monster has taken over my sweet and smiling baby.

It is the pits.

She is fine & lovely all day...but once about 6 pm comes, she turns into an uncomfortable & cranky mess.  And sleep? Fuhhhgetttt about it! For the past few nights I have been woken by shrill toe-curling shrieks - I will immediately console her but then she has trouble going back to sleep. Last night she slept from 2-8 in the crook of my arm. While I love all the snuggles - this is exhausting.

I've tried Motrin. Tylenol. Oragel. Next step - Hylands Teething Tablets?

I am desperate. I just want her to feel like herself again. I know this is only temporary, but it still makes a mama's heart hurt to see her girl in pain.

So...that is my teething rant. Thanks for, or reading.


Lindsey said...

I am right there with you right now. I remember when C was a newborn and nasty crying with reflux. I looked at Adam and mentioned nothing gets better because teething is just around the corner!

PattyAnn said...

Yikes...I hope it gets better real soon. I wish I had some advice. Maybe some wine? For you of course ;) I hope she feels better!

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