Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Me? A somewhat crunchy mom?

To be completely honest...

I used to make fun of people who were all about organic food.

I would babysit for families who shopped at Trader Joes & Whole Foods...and would eat organic mac & cheese  for dinner(what! not kraft spirals?). It was always so frustrating for me because I could never find anything good to eat for after the kids went to bed. Where was the buttery popcorn? Or the cheetos? What about some dunkaroos?

I was totally an organic hater. It wasn't my cup of tea at all.

I mean I grew up on PB & J, mac & cheese, and spaghetti. Nothing we ate was organic, not even close. Somehow my brothers & I survived.

But...once it was time for Saige to start chowing down on some baby food, I choose organic. Only because I wanted the best for my little girl. I hopped on the organic train..and i'm on it for the long haul.

I am so far from being a hard-core "crunchy" mom. 
I use disposable diapers. 
I don't make my own baby food. 
I only breastfed for 2 months. 
I definitely didn't have a "natural" birth. 

However, I am still very concerned about ingredients, products, and environmental factors which can have a harmful effect on S.

When it comes to vaccines, she is on the Dr. Sears Alternative Vaccine Schedule aka..she still gets all the shots, just more spread out among the years. Blame it on Jenny McCarthy...

Not to say what is right, and what is wrong...each mom has her own opinion, and we all want the best for our children.


On a complete other topic...this happened today:

That would be the back of my car..
and yes I have a family sticker - it was a gift from my mom for xmas

I was coming off the highway and had to yield to merge off the exit. The car in front of me started to go, then braked..so I rear-ended them..and then got rear-ended from behind (tehe).  Of course I burst into tears, luckily Saige was at the sitter, and called my mom sobbing. I am still on their insurance plan so I can only assume they will be kicking me off after this incident.

Time to go drink a large glass of vino.



PattyAnn said...

Sorry about the car, I'm a pretty bad driver and have had lots of accidents so I feel your pain...anyhow, I'm a complete hippie. Always organic and natural and my husband hates it. He always tells me he wants normal food, ha!

Posh Peach said...

Hi little! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on the new blog name. SOO overdue, right?! So glad I've finally changed it.

You are just the cutest, best mom ever! So sorry about the car. I had the same incident happen to me in the fall! A person went and then braked all the sudden and I bumped into the back. Luckily there was not much damage, but I was so mad/upset! Gotta love that family sticker :)

P.S. Think you were looking for how to do tabs up top. This link tells how - http://jenieshell.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-make-navigation-bar-for-blogger.html

Posh Peach said...

Oops just saw you already had the tabs up top :) Awesome!

kjpugs said...

I hear ya... I never thought I'd recycle... or coupon... etc etc. And I got in a fender-bender recently myself so I feel your pain on that one! Glad you are ok!

Ashley said...

Aww I feel for you ..

I just hit a parked car a couple months ago and called the husband crying. I Hate being in accidents!!

As a 'kind of hippy mamma' myself I too find I like to watch the ingredients I feed my son,

.... yet I feed myself Ramen and Hotdogs multiple times a week.

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