Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear "Childcare" Providers..

Dear so-called "professional childcare" providers,

Thank you very much for your interest in caring for Saige aka my first-born, the apple of my eye, my own flesh & blood, would dive into an alligator pit for, etc..

I appreciate your willingness to meet with us and highlight all your amazing childcare experience and abilities. Clearly there are some parents who will trust you with their children...however, not ME.

Just because you have your own 12-week old old and now want to stay at home doesn't give you the privilege to charge $50/DAY. So you can ignore my child while you fawn over your new baby? HELL to the NO. And your house is basically a death trap with all the remodeling you have going on. Also, to the woman with 4 kids of her own - no you can't transport my child to and from preschool everyday while you drop your kids off. I want them on stable ground, not in your 1934 minivan. Does that thing even have air bags? I'm pretty sure my child will end up like this some day, duck-taped to the wall by your 2 boys who were running around with scissors (no joke)...

Luckily this is not my child
Call me over protective, call me paranoid. I just don't comfortable with any of these women that I have met so far in my hunt for a new sitter. This whole process makes me want to vomit, then cry, then smash my head into a wall. Heck, I made tons of cash growing up watching other people's kids and I was a nanny during graduate school. I so wish S could remain at her current sitter, just the morning commute would be miserable.

So I will keep on looking...or else, I won't be able to hit the snooze button multiple times in the morning. It won't be the end of the world, just this mama won't be able to catch as many zzz's.

An over-protective first-time Mama


PattyAnn said...

yikes...good luck. $50 a day?? She better be running an ivy league preschool over there.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Oh wow. I can't even imagine all the crazies you have probably met! Good luck. I hope you find the perfect one soon!!!

KLaw said...

OMG you poor thing. I totally feel your pain. I hope it gets better soon!

Mrs. Mama said...

haha you crack my shit up. but seriously, that's ridiculous.

and that baby picture? dear lord! who actually did that!

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