Monday, January 9, 2012

A Saige Update

Once Saige turned 12 months I have gotten lazy stopped my monthly update posts.  She is doing so many fun and exciting things lately that I thought I would write down a few here so that I don't forget this stage (and I also need something to blog about, to be honest).  She is now about 14.5 months old going on 13 basing it on her love for electronics. Why play with our expensive toys when we can have the remote, iphone, macbook, or iPad? She did get a new toy phone for Christmas but obviously prefers the real deal. She puts all sorts of objects up to her ear and says "Hiiiiii". It's pretty freaking adorable. Sometimes we even conference call with the remote on one ear and the phone on the other.

She also has developed a new love/obsession for accessorizing. Everything that will fit goes on her wrist or her ankles. My MIL has given her a ton of plastic bangles that she carries around constantly...and she throws a mini tantrum if you try to take them away. Over Christmas break she was destroying going through my bathroom cabinet at my parents house and found a set of pearls that now she has deemed her own. I have no idea if they are real or not but I will certainly never be getting them back. 

A major event is that we are finally wearing hats...woohoo!!! It was going to have to happen at sometime or else we were moving to Florida. And i'm not a lover of 100 degree temps, alligators, and humidity. 

We have battled the sickies this past month and Saige literally runs away from me when she sees me coming towards her to wipe her nose. That damn nose has been running like a fountain lately. We have also been battling at all mealtimes due to her pickiness with food. I think she would eat fruit all day long if she could..mixed with some goldfish and applesauce. She is a bit finicky with textured food such as spiral macaroni or spaghettios.  She loves french toast sticks, mini pancakes, ziti, string cheese, and chex mix. We used to like chicken nuggets but now we lick the ketchup off and spit the chicken out? Oh the toddler years. It can be incredibly frustrating but we couldn't love her anymore. I could kiss those sweet cheeks forever.



Mrs. Mama said...

that last picture? LOOOVE. but i love all the pics of sweet S. she is precious. and what a girly girl loving accessories!!

KLaw said...

OMG I melt at that last photo. So cute!

Lindsey said...

She is just too cute Quinn!!! And that last pic of the two of you is the sweetest!! Wht a big girl she has blossomed into!!!

Lucy Marie said...

The food battles! That is our worst struggle right now, too. So frustrating. She is so sweet. Love the picture of her on the phone.

Lynsey said...

So cute! I love the last picture of the two of you. Our worst struggle right now is food battles! It's enough to make you go insane!

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