Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another year bites the dust

HELLO 2012!!

So what is going to happen in 2012? The hubs and I will turn 27, we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary, Saige will turn 2, I will hopefully find a new job (crossing our fingers & toes)...so not a whole lot of major events. Except many weddings, baby showers, bridal showers to attend. 

In previous years, we always brought in the New Year with vodka, beer, and ridiculous dance moves. This year we played it low-key by having a seafood fest with the family and our heads hitting the pillows at approximately 12:03 am. We had already had quite the day, witnessing a horrific tragic car accident, so I was sure to count my blessings and say my prayers that night.  As we surge into 2012, I do have some resolutions, hopes/desires that will hopefully be fulfilled:

1. Be a better blogger. Gah I am terrible at staying on top of it. I love reading all your blogs - just can never think of anything to write on my own. Or maybe its that I need to write about more personal topics. I think I focus too much on trying to be witty. I just need to write for me. So my personal goal is to blog at least 4 days a week. Thats right. And I plan on sticking to that goal, and I need more followers. 

2. Become a morning person aka stop hitting snooze five times and then running around trying to get myself and the babes ready. Because i'm pretty sure thats what happens 5/5 days a week. I have already gotten a memo this school year about latenesses and I can't get anymore. I literally need an alarm that yanks me out of bed and throws me in the shower. I'm sure my mornings would be much more pleasant if I wasn't so rushed 99% of the time.

3. Stop/minimize the nagging of the husband. Sure he doesn't put his dishes in the dishwasher or hang his towel up, but the hubs needs some encouragement & love. Not just a little gnat in his ear looking over his every move. Hmm..or perhaps one of his resolutions should be to be more helpful? I also need to make some time for hubs/wife dates. So often I find myself exhausted by 9 pm that the last thing I want to do is have quality time with the hubs. I'd rather go upstairs to the bedroom, watch some reality tv, and go to bed. It seems that many wifes/moms have fallen into this trend.

4. Save $$ & stop excessive spending. Remember that budget post I wrote back in August? Well guess how much I have saved since then? Not a whole lot. And now with the holidays and expenses for the new house, there isn't much disposable income around the L household. So I hope to start off 2012 with less purchases (now only if Lilly, JCrew, and Loft would stop sending me emails)

So here we go, let's see how I do. Don't let me down.


Jessica Hudson said...

Blog more! I love reading your posts and seeing pics of that precious daughter of yours. Happy 2012!

Lindsey said...

I love reading all of your posts Love so keep on writing!! I can't wait to see what new topics you write about :)

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Great list, very doable! Love your blog and cant wait to read more in 2012! :)

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