Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Great TV Debate

Welcome to a typical night in the L household
The babe has been fed, bathed, hydrated, and is now off to dreamland..
We have ate a frozen meal in front of the tv dined, cleaned up, and now are on to the relaxation part of the evening..which includes more tv watching, blog reading, online shopping, etc.

As sports-obsessed hubby has on some sort of sporting event. UGH. Or we are flipping back and forth between ESPN and the NBA, which is the absolute worst in my opinion. So after a few minutes and some not so nice words to the hubby, I retreat upstairs to watch TV in the bedroom. 

I catch up on my DVR'ed shows peacefully while lying in bed..and then I turn off the lights to go to sleep. Before I know it, the hubs is trudging up the stairs asking if he can watch the rest of the game upstairs. And this is how our nightly convo will go:

Q: "Brandon, NO!! I came up here to watch what I wanted to watch and now i'm going to sleep"

B: "It's only 9:30 just let me watch the game"

Q: "I don't want to watch a stupid basketball game, go back downstairs"

B: "It is in the 4th quarter with 10 minutes left"

Q: "Yeah well that is about a half hour in basketball time"

**he grabs remote and turns channel**

Q: "Turn the damn TV off i'm trying to sleep"

...and then the conversation quickly erupts into much more foul language and me storming off to the guest room to sleep.

This may seem petty but this happens multiple time a week. Just watch your TV downstairs and let me go to bed in peace, without whistles and cheers in the background.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just an irrational bitch?
Wait...don't answer that.


Erika and Jason said...

This happens to us too...maybe not to such a great degree..but last weekend friends came over and all they watched all day long was football. I can't take much...and 10+ hours was ridiculous. I was accused of not spending time with friends and people getting upset at me. I think I have given up being in control of the remote. When I'm watching my Teen Mom the hubs knows to either leave the room or watch quietly:-)

PattyAnn said...

Haha, I don't allow TV in the bedroom. We have one in the living room and that's it. And I'm just realizing we never fight over it because he's a workaholic and never home. Boohoo!

Lindsey said...

Oh mama I too have had similar argue ends be that is the only reason we have two tvs-so we cn each watch what we like :)

Lucy Marie said...

Irrational bitch.


Bahaha. We don't have a tv in our bedroom or else I am confident we'd have the same issues. Right now, it bugs me that he doesn't want to come to bed when I'm ready to go. I like going to bed together but apparently 8:30 isn't his preferred bedtime. I even asked him the other night if he could just carry the tv into our room so he could come to bed with me and still watch. LOL.

Kay Holt said...

AHHHAHAHAHA!! I'm loving your blog! It's like reading episodes of my life.

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