Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decorating for Dummies

  Do you know what is a great Christmas gift for 2 spankin new homeowners with no style?

An interior decorator consult.

And not just with any rando...a spectacular & creative woman who did all this when we said "I do"...

Mary is a good friend of my parents and was more than happy to spend her MLK day moving around furniture, nailing holes in the wall, and organizing my pantry (true story, it looks FAB). She loved our house from the minute she walked in and was running ideas past us before I could even hang up her coat. There were 2 main areas of the house that I wanted to focus on throughout the day; the living room & eat-in kitchen. The previous owners had knocked down the wall between the dining room & living area and now it is one long family room. This was appealing to us as we would rather not have a formal dining room. We have the room divided into two parts: one is our living space where we spend the majority of our time. The back part..will be our soon to be playroom/office..ta da!! We will also be painting the walls a more neutral tan color.

Mary had a great idea of putting tall bookcases on either side of the back window and then a shorter bookcase underneath the window. To resemble a classy storage wall system. We can put baskets at the bottom to organize Saige's toys and fill the rest of the shelves with books, frames, and other knick knacks. Something around this look but a dark oak color:

Mary is on the hunt for the bookshelves while we will be heading to Home Depot this weekend to buy materials for our desk nook. There is a little nook off our eat-in kitchen which will be turned into a work/study area. Somewhere to keep ourselves organized..instead of throwing everything on the entryway table. So guilty of that. Here is the  area now:

..and here is just the basic gist of what we will be building. Just a simple desk with shelves.

I am so excited about these new projects and even more anxious to see what Mary finds for our house. It has such great potential and it was so helpful to have someone with a set of fresh eyes and a knack for decor. Stay tuned!!


KLaw said...

OOOOh fancy! I can't wait to see!

MK said...

agreed, can't wait to see!

Mrs. Mama said...

awesome projects!! i love them!

Lindsey said...

Mary rocks!!! Can you send her my way? hehe!! I can't wait to see it all come to shape Quinn!! It will look amazing!

Happiness Is... said...

I love that desk - so nice to have professional help!

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