Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first Bumpdate {11 weeks}

It's finally first baby bump update!!

Does it make me a loser that one of the most exciting things about being pregnant was being able to do these updates? Yes I think so. I wasn't blogging when pregnant with Saige so I am so looking forward to posting about this pregnancy and having weekly pictures to see my expanding belly.

So there is baby #2..beginning to show way earlier than I did with Saige. I guess it's true what they say about those muscles not being as tight the 2nd time around. And no I'm not usually that can thank the lady at Old City Tans for her fabulous airbrushing technique. 

Total Weight Gained/Loss? At my 8 week appointment I weighed the same as I did for my 8 week appointment with Saige. And now? I think only my boobs have gained weight. Shit. I wish they would stay the star tits are not high on my priority list. I gained 31 pounds with S and hope to be around or less with baby #2. 

Maternity Clothes? Nope. Not needed as of yet. However, I am looking forward to a wardrobe of leggings, summer dresses, and my Joes jean shorts, capris, and skirt. I wore those 3 items weekly last time and I absolutely love them! I plan on spending my May birthday money on a Pea in the Pod shopping spree!

Sleep? I am exhausted I could sleep for weeks if it was possible. I am out from the moment my head hits the pillow. I am a tummy sleeper so it is always a rough adjustment when the baby bump pops.

Best Moment of the Week? Getting giddy while online shopping for multi-video monitors and double strollers. It's the little things that excite me!

Movement? I swear I feel little waves and butterflies already. Or perhaps its just gas? I only felt Saige around 21 weeks but things are definitely progressing quicker this time around. 

Food Craving? Any kind of food. I'm hungry all the lie. When we flew to Georgia last weekend, I ate a breakfast sandwich, pretzels, and cinnabon..all before 9 am. I blame it on all the airport options. Just too much right at your fingertips. 

Food aversions? None this time around! I didn't have any with S and don't expect any to come around this time either.

Morning sickness? There's been some pukage but not on a consistent basis. It's more like all day nausea..or as soon as my stomach feels empty. I need to walk around with a bag of saltines or something. 

Gender? No idea! But I would say boy..just because I feel much differently than I did with S. I only found out at 21 weeks with S..but I may spend the extra $$ and find out at 16 weeks. I'm way too anxious!

Labor Signs? No thank you.

Belly Button? I have a permanent outie. And let's not even discuss what pregnancy did to my belly button ring holes. It like stretched out the scar tissue even though I had it out for a few years before I was even pregnant. Believe me, it's not pretty. 

What I miss? Pinot Grigio. Riesling. Beer. Not feeling like i'm going to throw up any minute. 

What I'm looking forward to: Having a legit baby bump. Maternity clothing shopping. And of course finding out if baby #2 is a boy or girl!


Erika said...

So cute! Love the baby bump. And baby #1 did a number on my belly button ring holes too. Hopefully someday I will have it re-pierced.

Katie said...

Aww! Double strollers make me swoon... it's ridiculous! And I hear you on the wine (I'm pregnant with number 2, too), I could go for some red :)

Ashley Paige said...

HAHA... things they should tell you when you get your belly button pierced.. in fact, i feel like i should just take a picture of mine now.. and hand it out to piercing parlors all over the eastern seaboard.. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Oh.. and now? I need a tan. HOT MAMA.

mrs.mfc said...

soooooooo cute!!

Pamela M said...

You look SO CUTE!!! Congrats again!!! :o)

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