Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

This evening I am linking up with Becky for Seriously?! Thursday...

1. Seriously...we are leaving for the beach tomorrow for a week and I am so overwhelmed with all the shit things you need to bring when you add a little baby to the mix. I did about 2904 loads of laundry today, packed multiple bags, and feel like i've gotten nowhere!

2. beach experience is going to be so much different this year.  There will be no relaxing, reading, and working on my tan. It will now entail digging sand out of Saige's mouth and bathing suit, running back and forth to the house for naptime, and trying to entertain an 8 month old. Bye bye good ole relaxing beach week...

3. Seriously...Priscilla of Boston cannot suck anymore. You have had my bridesmaid dress for 3 weeks and it still isn't ready to be picked up yet? Perhaps you shouldn't have had me order a size 6 and it wouldn't have fallen off my body when I tried it on. I swear they purposely order you the wrong size to make you pay the $55 alteration fee!

4. hubby is driving me nuts. Tonight he asked to go for a walk with myself and the baby, of course I said yes as I thought he wanted some family bonding time. But NO, all he wanted to do was smoke a cigar. I could kill him. There is a time and place for cigars hunny, one of them is not while taking a walk with your wife and child. Dear lord help me. 

5. Seriously...why does my 8 month old still wake up during the night to drink a 6 oz bottle? Mama needs a full nights rest before she puts some crack in daddy's cigars and smokes it herself. 



Mrs. Mama said...

Hey girl! Thanks for linking up! Have fun at the beach... I totally know what you mean about the packing... last weekend we just went to Louisville for the weekend, and we literally had a car full. And no, I only had 1 bag for myself and 1 for Andrew. Everything else? All baby.

kjpugs said...

Eeeek. I'm sorry you are going to be washed out at the wedding, Quinn! And it's only a matter of time before B discovers cigars. Right now his make-me-want-to-kill-him thing is when he is too lazy to do something and asks me to (order pizza, take out the trash, etc) and I ask why can't he do it, he goes, "Because you're so GOOD at it!" So I hear ya :)

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