Friday, June 24, 2011

It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine..

IT'S SUMMERTIME..finally!!

The last day of school was Wednesday and now I have until September 1st to vacation, relax, and most importantly - spend time with Saige!

The next few weeks are very hectic. Next Friday we head to Avalon, NJ for the week with my family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and my 1/2 sisters family.  My half sister Lea is from my Dad's first marriage and I cannot wait to see her, her husband Bob, and their two kids Sutton (age 7) and Sloane (age 5).  It is such a treat to spend time with them because they live all the way out in Portland, OR! The last time I saw them was actually at my own wedding so it has been over a year.  

On the trolley at my wedding
I can't wait to take Saige on the beach and see her eat sand dip her toes in the ocean.  We return from the beach on the 8th and then BAM - it's my brothers wedding weekend.  We have the rehearsal/dinner on Friday then the wedding is on Saturday the 9th at the Manor House at Commonwealth in Horsham, PA. I am SO excited, I adore my soon to be SIL and truly can't wait to have her as part of the family. 

Unfortunately Saige is still too young to enjoy all the wedding festivities so she will be with my husbands parents on Friday night then at another relatives on Saturday. She will be greatly missed but it will give us the chance to get drunk enjoy it all and not have to worry.'s a busy few weeks coming up - which means I will certainly have many blog topics (thank goodness...this shit is tough)!!



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