Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ramblings of the Blind

Today I had a consultation for LASIK surgery (eek!!!)

I am at my wits end with my contacts & glasses...it is always the same story.

They rip. They break. I run out of contacts. Saige rips my glasses off my face. Then they get crooked. I get an eyelash or piece of dirt in them and then my eyes look like i'm all coked out. It truly is a lose-lose situation.

I was blessed with terrible eyesight.  I rocked these beauties in 2nd grade.

Why on earth would my mom let me pick those huge pink glasses? They were NOT attractive. Thankfully i've moved on to much more stylish glasses.

I eventually grew brave enough to try contacts in 6th grade and have been wearing them ever since - with many complications as of late. So I finally made an appointment with the local LASIK doctor.

It would be absolutely marvelous to have 20/20 vision, to not have to rummage for your glasses every morning because you can't see 2 feet in front of your face. To be able to open your eyes underwater, to not worry about taking your contacts out after a long night out.

There are so many pros...yet some cons as I learned today. I am severely near-sighted, therefore my cornea isn't as thick. Therefore, the surgery would be more invasive, causing the recovery process to be longer than the normal LASIK procedure. It's only a few more days but it is a lengthy pre-op and post-op process.

So what do I do? Any LASIK veterans out there with any tips?


kjpugs said...

Ugh I wish. My prescription changes at every appointment. Now my bad eye is getting an astigmatism! Apparently mine change too often to make LASIK worth it. But I am interested to hear what you decide! I hope my vision levels out someday so I can do it!

kjpugs said...

PS you are adorable and look like something straight out of those Baby-Sitters Club books.

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