Friday, May 4, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Because I haven't blogged since like Will2K came out, I figured it was time to get this forgotten blog up to date with our crazy life..

and this new Blogger is certainly throwing me off. Why do they insist on making changes when the old version was just fine? Like that facebook timeline shit. I can't stand it. I refuse to switch until they force me dammit.

So what's been up with the L family?

First of all..we survived the chicken pox. Thank god it was a mild case and she was only out of the babysitter for a few days. We had plenty of oatmeal baths and calamine lotion rubdowns. Plus lots of mommy and daddy 2 am, 4 am, 6 am. I guess that's what I get for following an alternative vaccination schedule that delays the chicken pox vaccine. Thanks Jenny McCarthy.

Luckily the chicken pox cleared up just in time for my Spring Break. We headed down South to Hilton Head Island for a week and then spent Easter weekend in Pinehurst with my family. It was a much-needed vacation, after a stressful few months at work and the pox. Our days were filled with sunshine, bike-riding, boat-spotting, and swimming. Saige also managed to wrangle the dogs into being her own personal playmates and pillows.

And on the baby #2 home front..we just found out yesterday that we are having a little BOY!!! We are absolutely thrilled with the news that a handsome little man will be joining our family in September. I was 20 weeks yesterday and desperately need to do a pregnancy update. Thanks for all sticking around as my blogging skills have been far below sub par in the past month..
Have a fabulous weekend


Lucy Marie said...

So excited for little baby boy L!

Jeremy and Megan said...

Awww!! Congrats!! SO exciting!! :)

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