Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays from our family to yours..

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with joy, love, and laughter...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is that you Santa?

Hi Santa what is that fuzziness on your face? Can I touch it please?

I'd say our first Santa pic is a success. No tears..just one curious toddler.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiny Steps

I couldn't wait for Saige to take her first steps.

..and now that she has?

I want to rewind back to crawling. Sure it's all exciting and wonderful and new, but it's exhausting. We no longer just want to ride in the stroller or the shopping cart. We want to walk everywhere and anywhere. It is pretty damn cute to watch her zombielike walk, I have to admit. And she is so proud of herself..which makes us proud, yet exhausted, parents. But what else is new? 

The other day Saige decided she wanted to walk to the park. All by herself without being carried or pushed. So off we went, sporting our brand new sparkly Pedipeds and a snowman shirt. I snapped about 100 photos, trying to get that perfect Christmas card shot. Coming soon to a mailbox near you, thanks to AP for her fab editing skills. I heart having talented bloggy/IRL friends.

Sure we made a few pitstops to climb on a neighbors retaining wall, or to try to sneakily shove acorns in our mouth, but we made it. Now trying to tear the child away from the playground? That was full of tears, kicking, and screaming. So I will only share the happy trek...

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours was full of shopping, decorating, and trying to entertain a whiny toddler through the Christmas Route at Longwood Gardens. That should be an entertaining post.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keeping up with the Joneses

Lawn Envy.
House Envy.
Decoration Envy.
You name it, we got it.
Welcome to the 'burbs.

Our house only sits on .13 acres. The previous owners had serious green thumbs. We do not. We have never owned a pair of gardening gloves. Therefore we are dealing with a shitload of weeds plants, a garden, and a mess of shrubs. My idea? Rip most of it out and plant grass. Easy enough right? This Spring should definitely be interesting, as I will recommend hiring a landscaping crew while the hubs will want to get his hands dirty. I'd rather not have dirt permanently embedded underneath my fingernails. I also look around at our neighbors pristine lawns and frequently say "why doesn't our yard look like that, why is their grass greener, don't we need some type of makeyouryardpretty fertilizer"? 

Our neighborhood houses are also already streaming with lights, garland, giant snow globes, and walkway candy cane lights. Now me? I'm a fan of classy white lights and icicles. I don't particularly enjoy the blinking, flashing, multicolored lights..or the giant inflated Santa in the front yard. I like it simple and understated. We also tried to be a little eco-friendly this year by purchasing LED lights. 

FYI..there are 2 colors of LED lights; cool white & warm white. We figured this out after stringing the whole outside of our house with cool white and then wondering the hell why they looked bluish. Don't worry, we spent the next evening taking them down and putting up the warm white.

It has been difficult starting out in a new house because we never really decorated our apartment for Christmas. It was our first Christmas living together last year and life was hectic with a 2 month old. Therefore, we have no decorations except little odds & ends that we stole borrowed from our parents. We've picked up a few things here and there at HomeGoods & Target but our collection is still a work in progress. And as for a tree that Saige won't destroy? Who I am certain she will be pulling ornaments off a mile a minute. 

So we will give it our best...and hope for a lovely Holiday as a family of three.

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